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    Insect traps

    If your company is in the food and beverage industry, it’s crucial to maintain health and safety standards – and safeguard your reputation. That means keeping kitchens and restaurants free of flies and insects. The most effective and hygienic way to do this is with a purpose-built fly killer.

    Philips Actinic BL lamps have been specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. They emit the precise wavelengths of UV light that insects are attracted to, drawing them into the fly killer where they get eliminated.


    These lamps, which are considered best-in-class in reliability, also provide high & stable UV-A output compared to other lamps offered in the industry, thus ensuring the effectiveness of electronic fly killers.

    Chef preparing insect free food

    Insect Trap lamps

    Why choose Philips UV lamps? 


    Reliable UV-A output

    Our Actinic BL lamps come with a unique coating to ensure slow UV-A output degradation, securing an effective insect catch rate for a long period of time.


    Highest lamp quality

    Cutting edge automated production lines are used for electrode processing and emitter dosing. All lamps are checked in order to verify they meet our requirements to guarantee consistent quality


    Proven experience

    35 years experience in developing and manufacturing UV products. 


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