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    pure Platinum

    Razor-sharp, pure Platinum beams

    The Platinum razor-sharp light beams have revolutionized the industry in a relatively short amount of time. In 2010 the first innovative Platinum lamp was launched: the MSD Platinum 5 R. Now, we have a broad MSD range including the 2 R, 5 R, 11 R, 14 R, 15 R, 16 R, 17 RA, 20 R(B) and 21 R. Furthermore a Platinum lamp with MSR technology has been developed: MSR Platinum 35.

    In 2016 the MSD Platinum 11 R was introduced; the lamp with the longest arc working distance of the Platinum range, enabling the combination of more beam effects in one fixture. Recently the MSD Platinum 20 RB and 21 R are added to the range. These lamps produce a powerful and brilliant, intense light for every type of event.

    MSD Platinum 11 R


    MSD Platinum 200 Flex-The flexible solution for your fixture

    The new Platinum Flex lamp is designed with flexible options, enabling more functionalities for your fixture. The deep dimming option of the lamp –used when the shutter of the fixture is closed–makes it possible to have an extreme long lifetime and energy savings of 30 to 45%. The flexibility of the power levels makes it possible to have a real linear dimming effect from a beam moving head

    Next to the excellent lumen output in different colors, the Platinum Flex platform enables the fixture to produce more color combinations and color corrections.

    Thanks to the intelligent driver scheme, the Platinum Flex platform supports more features. All of these are on top of the renowned Platinum features.

    MSD Platinum 200 Flex
    Extremely long lifetime, reduced power consumption by 30-45%
    Deep dimming when shutter closed
    Enhanced lumen output in different colors, more color combinations and color corrections
    Wide power range
    Real linear dimming effect
    Flexible power levels
    High beam intensity
    Very short arc
    Freedom to create smaller and lighter fixtures
    Compact system
    High perceived brightness
    High correlated color temperature
    A long and reliable performance
    Philips Platinum technology

    Platinum technology

    Philips MSD/MSR Platinum lamps are the original, brightest, and most compact short arc lamps on the market, enabling the design of small, flexible, and extremely efficient fixtures. The very short arc produces a sparkling, bright light that eliminates shadows and reproduces vivid colors perfectly. The Platinum system is compact and lightweight too, so it can be used anywhere. In short, more light output, more design possibilities, and less energy consumption.

    Quality assured

    Since Philips Platinum lamps are technologically advanced, close cooperation is required during the design-in to ensure optimum performance of the entertainment fixture. We therefore advise to always replace end-of-life lamps with the original Philips Platinum types.


    You will find an overview of all the design-ins in the Platinum brochure.

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