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    On stage solutions

    Creating unforgettable experiences for our clients is the challenge that inspires us to create the most exciting innovations in light. Like all the best performers, we believe there’s always room for improvement. It’s the reason we continuously work closely with leading fixture manufacturers to create lighting solutions that are more efficient, more powerful, more compact and easier to handle.
    On stage solutions


    Platinum lamps

    The power to light your creativity


    Platinum lamps are designed to create powerful lighting on stage. The lamps are small and compact to give you more design freedom for more compact and lighter fixtures. The strong beams eliminate shadows and perfectly reproduce vivid colors. The Platinum lamps have been designed in many fixtures. To see them all, have a look in the brochure.


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    Woman on a stage under Philips entertainment lighting

    MSR GoldTM FastFit

    Faster fitting for more free time


    To save you time, Philips introduced FastFit. A unique lamp concept for single ended MSR GoldTM and Halogen Hi-Brite lamps. The rear load lamp base system enables you to replace the lamp easily. The MiniFastFit version is equipped with an even smaller lamp base which makes smaller and lighter fixtures possible.


    How FastFit works


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    An MSR Gold FastFit


    MSR Hot Restrike

    Instant daylight at any time


    Do you need daylight on the film set? Philips MSR Hot Restrike is the solution. The lamps create a daylight experience with excellent quality and the right amount of light, constantly on call.


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    Philips entertainment lighting on a film set



    Exactly the lighting experience you intended


    The lighting experiences you create have the power to captivate audiences and turn a performance into something magical. To bring out the best in your talents, you need fixtures that maximize your scene-setting capabilities and recreate them perfectly. Now you can do just that with the StagePainter D60 2000-a system that’s so flexible and controllable, it can paint exactly the scene you imagined with brilliant LED light.


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    Theater illuminated by Philips Entertainment lighting


    MSD Platinum

    The power to light your creativity


    MSD Platinum 2 R is especially designed for the DJ/Club application. The compact, lightweight lamp produces sparkling bright light. It is a 132W lamp which matches the light output of a MSD 300W lamp.


    The strong beams create the perfect lighting DJ’s require in clubs.


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    dj / club


    Unlimited flexibility


    Philips Architainment lamps offer excellent colors, a strong beam and long life for amazing creativity and flexibility in architectural lighting. They can bring any object into the limelight and give it the charisma it deserves.

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    Eiffel tower illuminated with Philips Architainment lighting

    Entertainment lamps


    With today’s growing trend of integrating LED walls in stage lighting design, a new generation of lamps with more powerful beams is required to cut through the sea of homogenous light they provide – and add additional accents to the show. This is exactly what the new Platinum lamp systems are designed to do.

    The new MSD Platinum 14 R provides extreme brightness of 12,000 lumens at 280W with a color rendering of 80. The new MSD Platinum 17 RA offers exceptional brightness with a light output of more than 20,000 lumens at 350W, plus cool white light (7000 K) and a high color rendering of 85. MSD Platinum 20 R offers a light output of more than 23,000 lumens at 470W, intense cool white light (8000K) and a high color rendering of 80.

    • MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended
      MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended
      To optimize the total lifetime of the double ended MSR Gold™ SA Double Ended lamps, the caps are plated with gold. This provides superior heat protection and thereby minimizes prem...
    • MSR Gold™ FastFit
      MSR Gold™ FastFit
      All lamps burn out eventually, but when this happens with single ended MSR Gold™ FastFit, it is replaced in seconds – thanks to the specially designed lamp base and lamp holder. Th...

    Lamps in action

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    Entertainment lamp performance

    See our lamps perform

    Entertainment lamp performance

    FastFit lamp replacement

    Entertainment tools

    Entertainment lamp replacement tool

    Entertainment lamps at major events


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