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    Perfect fit, 


    Discover the benefits of 3D printed luminaires

    Your next renovation project just got easier. Custom design means you get what you want and it’s guaranteed to fit. The online design process is easy, and once they arrive, installation takes only minutes. Plus the downlights are made of polycarbonate that can be recycled, so the environment will be happy too.
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    Tailored for you

    Tailored for you

    Designed to meet your specifications exactly, our 3D printed luminaires are guaranteed to fit.


    We make it easy to get the downlights you need for your next project. Easily configured online and installed in minutes.


    You care about the environment. So do we. Our luminaires are made of polycarbonate that can be fully re-used.

    We make your
    job easier

    Our luminaires are printed just for you - so they’re guaranteed to fit the existing ceiling hole, without the need to amend ceilings or to use halo rings. Less mess, less effort, and a seamless look.

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    No more hassle

    3D printed luminiares are the way to go if you want a custom lighting solution that meets your exact specifications. We’ll save you frustration - and money - from the start.

    Installation in just two minutes

    The simple design and 1-piece construction means that installation is easy.

    Avoid amending ceiling holes

    Ceiling holes
    Made to order, our luminaires are guaranteed to fit. Simply unpack and fit it seamlessly into the existing cutout.

    Integrated trim for a clean look

    Clean look
    Sleek design and integrated trim ensure a clean look for every project. 

    Our PerfectFit promise


    We’ll deliver a downlight with integrated trim and a sleek design, printed to your exact measurements and guaranteed to fit. 

    We'd love to hear from you

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