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      Vertical Farming

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      Discover your vertical farming recipe for growth


      Innovative farming technologies mean that plants can now be grown in indoor environments without sunlight. This cultivation process, known as vertical farming or city farming, is ideal for propagating young plants, cultivating full crops and growing healthier, pesticide-free crops. It maximizes production by using ground-breaking vertical farming lighting to light multiple layers of crops, achieving a higher yield with a smaller footprint.

      With our extensive lighting know-how and plant expertise, Philips LED horticulture offers vertical farmers advice to successfully grow crops with LEDs. We also share tips on the most reliable techniques and LED vertical farming lighting products for growing crops indoors.

      Benefits of vertical farming with Philips LED lighting

      Predictable growth
      Fresh produce all year round with no disease, climate or pesticide worries. 
      Higher quality
      Specific growth recipes for enhanced flavor, nutritional value and shelf life.
      Higher yield
      A controlled environment with less waste and short production cycles year around.

      Vertical farming applications


      Vertical farming or city farming techniques vary greatly in terms of the space, technology, and investment in time and money needed to set them up. These four different applications give you an idea of the benefits of vertical farming you can expect, depending on your goals.

      Large-scale indoor vertical farming plant factory

      Plant factory


      Large-scale production, ideal for cultivating in a customized, closed indoor vertical farming environment of more than 2000 m2.

      Small-scale climate chamber with vertical farming lighting

      Climate chamber


      Climate rooms are for small-scale production, such as propagating young plants or researching the effects of light on a crop.

      Warehouse farm with vertical farming lighting

      Warehouse farm


      At less than 1000 m2, a warehouse farm can be placed in an existing building or warehouse for small-scale city farming production.

      Ready-to-use container for city farming



      For research purposes, standard, ready-to-use containers with 20 to 30 m2 of growing surface are easy way to start and have a fast turnaround.

      GrowWise Center


      At the Philips GrowWise Research Center, our experts study the conditions needed to optimize plant growth. This includes the effect that different types of vertical farming lighting, climate systems, nutrition, irrigation, sensors and data collection can have on plant health and quality. It enables us to develop growth recipes for vertical farmers that will produce specific characteristics and create healthier plants with higher yields.

      Grow wise

      Take the 360° tour and discover GrowWise at Signify

      Vertical farming products

      GreenPowerLED production module Static vertical farming lighting

      GreenPower LED production module


      A vertical farming lighting module for multilayer cultivation of herbs and leafy greens. Includes the ideal light recipe for higher yield, better quality, higher propagation success rates and year-round production. A dynamic version allows you to individually adjust the LED colors and light intensities.

      GrowWise Control System for vertical farming lighting

      GrowWise Control System


      This vertical farming lighting control system is an easy way to create and run custom light recipes to meet the needs of specific crops and improve quality and productivity. Suitable for use with the GreenPower LED production module Dynamic, the software can be controlled from a mobile device or climate computer.

      GreenPower LED toplighting

      GreenPower LED toplighting


      Control both light and temperature separately to optimize light levels and gain more control of growing conditions. Shortens growth cycles and increases yield in greenhouses without glass. LED toplighting can shorten growth cycles, increase yields, and reduce energy.

      Vertical farming blogs

      • How to build a successful vertical farm

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        The role of sensors and data collection in a successful vertical farm

        Sensors and data play a pivotal role in vertical farming and they’re ready to transform the future of vertical farming. It is all because sensors enable us to monitor these growth conditions, recognize anomalies and identify problems as early as possible.

      • 4 remarkable results you can achieve with dynamic LED grow lights in a vertical farm

        4 remarkable results you can achieve with dynamic LED grow lights in a vertical farm

        Discover 4 remarkable things you can do with LED dynamic grow lights based on research from Philips GrowWise vertical farm research facility

      • How does light affect plants and people differently?

        How does light affect plants and people differently?

        Plants and people respond differently to light, because people only need relatively little light to see compare to plants that need light as the engine of growth.

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