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    Three new LED Horti partnerships

    We are welcoming Hortiplan, Agrolux and Schetelig.


    April 6, 2015


    The unique collaboration between growers, researchers, Philips and our LED Horti partners ensures the best possible LED Solution offer for the grower. Together we are building and leading the LED revolution in Horticulture. On this journey, collaboration ended here and there, but we also welcomed some new LED Horti Partners.




    Hortiplan and Philips signing the contract during the Horticulture Business Days 2015




    As a certified LED Horti Partner, the Belgian company Hortiplan will from now on install Philips lighting systems in Belgium. Hortiplan is known for the innovative character of its products. Internationally it is a leading player with its Mobile Gully System (MGS), an automated system for growing leaf vegetables on water, such as lettuce or herbs.


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    Agrolux signing the contract at IPM Essen 2015




    Agrolux is based in the Netherlands and will cooperate with Philips in hybrid solutions for growers. They distinguish themselves based on their network, service and quality. Their knowledge from existing lighting solutions makes them stand out in the horticulture branch


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    Schetelig and Philips at IPM Essen 2015




    Philips and Schetelig signed the Philips LED Horti Partnership at the IPM in Essen. In partnership with Philips, Schetelig will be responsible for new projects in Scandinavia and to some extent in Central and Eastern Europe. The partnership officially commenced on 8 February 2015.


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