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    Rose, Lettuce, and Tomato results shared @ GreenTech

    Rose, Lettuce, and Tomato results shared @ GreenTech


    Philips hosts three sessions at the GreenTech in which the latest results will be shared on the effects of LEDs on rose quality and yield, the impact and consequences of growing tomatoes with LED, and the effects of LEDs on growing lettuce in a greenhouse or vertical farm.

    Wilem Valstar

    Sessions / Presentations

    June 14 Tuesday
    Energy pavilion, hall 11


    ‘Growing strategy and experiences for tomatoes grown under LED lighting’

    Willem Valstar – Stargrow Consultancy – on behalf of Philips Lighting


    Hydroponic tomato growing under LED lighting provides a lot of advantages for the grower, but also requires new strategies to grow successfully. Willem is a very experienced LED tomato crop consultant, and will share the ins and outs of growing under 100% LED; how to manage your climate, what can be said about the amount of stems, and also how to generate the most ideal situation with a high yield year-round.


    June 16 Thursday
    Crops pavilion, hall 8


    “Rose growing with LEDs; impact, consequences and results”

    Leon Dukker - Porta Nova - on behalf of Philips Lighting


    LEDs offer several advantages: they improve crop quality and production and enable lighting to be used on darker days in the spring and summer. LEDs may be used either instead of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS) or as an energy-efficient addition to them. Rose grower Porta Nova will share the challenge and results in their trial-installation with LED toplighting and how it  helps them reduce the radiant heat produced by the lighting system without affecting the quality and yield of the crop.


    June 16 Thursday
    Crops pavilion, hall 


    “Growth light experiences for lettuce in greenhouses and vertical farming”

    Ries Neuteboom – Philips Lighting


    Whether grown indoors, or in a greenhouse, the yield, coloring, taste and morphology of a lettuce can be influenced by the use of LED lighting. Ries Neuteboom will give you insights into growing lettuce with LED; the impact of the lights, the use of light recipes, and the results that can be accomplished.

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