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    Philips new Dynamic LED grow light – an easier way for growers and researchers to try out different light recipes

    See the demo at GreenTech 2016 in Amsterdam

    Eindhoven – During GreenTech 2016 in Amsterdam, growers and researchers who are looking for more flexibility and precision in their LED lighting systems can try out the new Philips GreenPower LED production module “Dynamic”. Philips Horticulture LED Solutions, a leading innovator of lighting solutions to improve plant growth will demonstrate this new LED solution at its Booth 11.101 On this dynamic solution, both the LED colors in the spectrum (far red, red, white and blue) and light intensities can be individually adjusted using the supplied software. It’s an easy and flexible way for researchers and growers to try out different lighting applications on their crops.
    See the demo at GreenTech Amsterdam

    More control over cultivation

    This dynamic lighting solution is the latest innovation in Philips successful GreenPower LED solutions range. Growers and researchers can now grow a variety of crops under a variety of LED lighting spectra and intensities with just one LED system. That means they can now work with dynamic light recipes as invented by Philips to meet the specific needs of specific crops, flowers and plants. A recipe combines the following elements: light spectrum, intensity, illumination moment, uniformity and positioning. Using a recipe, a grower can steer specific plant characteristics, from compactness, color intensity and branch development to flowering and more to improve results.


    For instance, some plants benefit from different lighting spectra and intensities during different phases of growth, like the red coloration of lettuce. These elements can also be used to stimulate stretching or stem elongation to prevent a crop from becoming too long and floppy. More information about Philips light recipes can be found here:

    Easy to install and maintain

    This dynamic lighting solution is equipped with software that makes it easy to adjust the LED color and intensity. A sturdy cable, connector and mounting brackets are provided, allowing the system to be easily installed at any height and location needed. An optional cable tree can be used to connect up to ten Dynamic modules to one junction box.

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