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    Philips lighting supplies Horticulture LED lighting systems for Laudriz’s modern greenhouse

    November 6, 2017

    • Laudriz’s modern, two-hectare greenhouse is equipped with an LED grow lighting system to optimise fruit and vegetable growth
    • The Philips Lighting - Laudriz - Delphy trilateral partnership will ensure solid implementation of planting strategies in the facility and achieve the overall production objectives

    Philips Lighting will also establish a LED lighting research and training centre at the greenhouse

    Philips Lighting supplies Horticulture LED lighting systems for Laudriz’s modern greenhouse

    Shanghai, China - Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today announced that it has supplied LED lighting systems for large-scale plant production at a modern greenhouse built by Laudriz Investment Co., Ltd. in Sanhe City, Hebei Province in China, and it has inked a MoU* with Laudriz and Dutch-based Delphy B.V. to build a research and training centre at the greenhouse to explore the applications of LED lighting for plant growth.


    Advanced LED lighting technology to optimize fruit and vegetable growth

    The modern, two-hectare greenhouse has been built by Laudriz and will be expanded over the coming years. This facility is consistent with the Chinese government’s push to develop greenhouse horticulture. By installing the advanced LED lighting system, the challenges of a shortage of sunlight and haze in the winter can be overcome, while better light conditions in the greenhouse can improve the yield and quality of fruit and vegetables.


    The greenhouse consists of four planting zones, all equipped with Philips horticulture LED lighting systems. More than 3,000 GreenPower LED toplighting modules and interlighting modules have been installed across the planting zones. The first growing season concluded at the end of July 2017 and involved two separate planting zones; one growing cherry tomatoes (using LED interlighting modules) and one with larger tomatoes (using LED toplighting modules and interlighting modules).


    “This is an entirely new effort,” said Yang Kun, crop manager of the greenhouse. “Based on our observations in the first growing season, we found that during days of scarce sunlight and heavy smog in north China in the winter, LED lights can help maintain appropriate light levels in the greenhouse. The LED lights also had a positive effect on sugar accumulation.”


    The next planting season starts in October 2017 and lasts until the end of July 2018. This time, all four planting zones will be used with different light recipes and crop combinations. The first zone will use LED toplighting modules to grow coloured sweet peppers; the second zone will adopt a combined lighting system with high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and LED interlighting modules to grow cherry tomatoes; the third will use LED interlighting modules to grow cherry tomatoes, while the fourth zone will use 100% LED toplighting modules and LED interlighting modules to grow cherry tomatoes. The energy consumption in the latter zone is expected to be lower than in the second zone.


    “As a commercial planting base close to Beijing, we hope to introduce state-of-the-art planting facilities to boost total productivity in the greenhouse,” said Yang Kun. “Inadequate sunlight and haze are two big obstacles that compromise agricultural production in winter, whereas sufficient light levels can ensure steady crop growth in winter. We expect improved results in the next growing season.”


    LED lighting research and training centre

    Philips Lighting, Laudriz and Delphy will join forces to establish a demo research and training centre in the greenhouse. The centre has a mandate to expand the application of LED lighting solutions in more greenhouses and introduce new lighting systems and planting methods to Chinese plant growers, with the aim of producing high-quality vegetables and securing predictable, high productivity. 

    About Philips Lighting

    Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting products, systems and services, offers a broad range of solutions in the lighting industry, from source of light to lighting devices, from lighting control to integrated lighting solutions. With 2016 sales of €7.1 billion, it has approximately 34,000 employees in over 70 countries and regions. Backed by its advanced technologies and strong innovations, it leads the industry in the development and service of energy-saving LED products and interconnected smart lighting systems, and in leveraging the Internet of Things to transform homes, buildings and urban spaces. The company improves the quality of life through meaningful innovations and offers brand-new lighting experiences themed on “Light Beyond Illumination”. For more information, please visit


    About Laudriz

    Laudriz is an investment consortium with extensive operations in finance, urban agriculture, hotel development and operation, ecotourism, construction materials and logistics. With a commitment to develop urban agriculture and introduce globally advanced agricultural technologies, Laudriz is striving to expand the application of agricultural technologies, deepen and extend the industry chain and transform the traditional model of agricultural production into one that suits China’s characteristic conditions. The modern greenhouse, facilitated by Laudriz investment, aims to provide high-quality agricultural produce and meet the demand of customers from Beijing and the neighbouring regions. A sizable modern farm has taken shape around the greenhouse, and a “FANFAN LOHAS FARM” was inaugurated in September 2016.


    About Delphy

    Delphy stands for worldwide expertise for food and flowers. With expertise and experience in the plant sector, Delphy provides consultation and services to its partners worldwide. Delphy is dedicated to using its knowledge and expertise to produce healthy and safe food, improve flower quality and thus contribute to the success of its partners. 


    *MoU = memorandum of understanding

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