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    Improving after-sales improves customer satisfaction

    Improving after-sales improves customer satisfaction

    At Philips Horticulture LED Solutions we focus on providing both high quality solutions and services. To maintain these high standards and keep our growers happy, it’s important that we follow a clear and efficient after-sales process. As a partner you play a key role here, by collecting information and communicating with our growers about quality issues.


    We have recently made a few changes in how complaints are handled to make this process more efficient and consistent. Our main goal in implementing these improvement steps is to provide an effective solution for the end-user as quickly as possible. Please follow the following process when you receive a customer complaint.


    • New intake form. We are currently updating our intake form and will send it to you in the next few months. Until then, please use the current intake form. The intake form is important because it is used to collect all the information we need about the quality issue, including pictures of the defects and of the sticker on the module (to avoid confusion about the type of module). The more details we have, the faster we can act!
    • Routing process. The completed form should be e-mailed to your local Philips Customer Care contact person with your Philips KAM on cc. If you don’t know who this contact person is, please ask your KAM.
    • Complaint number assigned. After Customer Care receives the completed form, they will register the complaint in the complaint registration system (CRS) and send the CRS number to you and the end-user. From that point on, this number should be used in all communications about the complaint, especially when shipping defects.
    • Urgent issues. If you believe the issue is a critical and/or a safety issue, please make sure to indicate this on your intake form and in your communication with Customer Care and your KAM. They will then give the complaint priority within our organization.

    Complaint handling

    • Warranty check. After we receive your intake form, we will check to see if the issue falls within the warranty on the product.
    • Replacements
    • If a product is immediately eligible for replacement, Customer Care will arrange shipment of replacement modules to you or the end-user or provide a credit (there are regional differences in way of working). We guarantee that we will send replacements for the defect modules or provide credit within two weeks after receiving the complaint in 90% of the cases.
    • If further investigation is required before issuing a replacement, your Customer Care contact person will discuss with you which modules should be shipped to them.
    • In all cases, all defects should be either shipped to Philips or destroyed to prevent mis-use.
    • Check modules before shipping. Before you ship any defects to Philips, please verify if the modules are indeed defective. In several cases we’ve received a large number of modules which were still functioning correctly. Until now we have not billed for these shipping costs, but in the future we will send a bill for working modules that are shipped to us in error.


    • Depending on the number of modules and costs involved, we will carry out an investigation to determine the root cause of the issue. To ensure a timely answer for your customer, we guarantee that we will perform an initial investigation within two weeks after receiving the samples in 90% of the cases and communicate these results to you.
    • If we cannot find the root cause and/or close the case within two weeks, we will give your case high priority and provide your grower with a specific process and communication to address their issue.

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