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    Stay informed with the latest news about our LED lighting in horticulture. Below you can find an overview of the latest press releases from Philips Horticulture LED Solutions.



    2022-12: Signify helps grower De Glastuin transition to Philips full LED


    2022-12: Signify introduces 1,040 watt Philips HPS light fixture for a low-maintenance


    2022-12: U-Grand grows beautiful chrysanthemums under Philips full LED


    2022-11: Philips GreenPower LED toplighting force - debut for U.S. and Canada


    2022-11: Tomato grower Redgrow from Belgium expands with Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


    2022-10: Switching to Philips LED lighting an easy decision for Den Haan Greenhouses from Canada


    2022-08: Research by Signify and WUR shows that temporarily extending daylength significantly increases yield in cannabis cultivation


    2022-07: Signify Korea installs Philips LED horticulture grow lights in a 2.8 ha tomato greenhouse


    2022-07: Signify and Stolze provide Bryte with full LED as the first Dutch tomato grower


    2022-07: Signify supports grower Topline Gerbera with transition to full LED lighting


    2022-06: Hanasand increases tomato yield by 30%


    2022-06: Signify supplies 40% more light to grower Looye


    2022-06: Signify helps Kwekerij Loos make the switch to full LED lighting


    2022-06: Philips celebrates 15 years in LED lighting solutions for horticulture


    2022-06: Signify enters alliance for knowledge development medicinal cannabis cultivation


    2022-05: Signify’s LED with far-red light performs well in strawberry cultivation


    2022-05: Glenwood Valley Farms upgrades their lighting with LED toplighting


    2022-03: Signify LED lights power Iceland’s first and only vertical farm


    2022-03: Signify and Perfect Plants expand collaboration on cannabis


    2022-03: Signify introduces Philips GreenPower LED gridlighting to steer uniform bud development and increase yield of top-shelf flowers


    2022-03: Signify horticulture team invites you to kick off 2022 tradeshow season with Indoor Ag-Con


    2022-02: Members of cooperation Growers United choose more light for the same energy usage with Philips GreenPower LED toplighting


    2022-01: IDC-LED use Signify's grow lights to research its effects on high-wire crops



    2021-12: Signify helps Florein Gerbera’s to higher light level for higher quality

    2021-11: Signify launches virtual Center of Excellence in Singapore and Asia


    2021-11: Three years of research leads to full LED at Kwekerij Verhoeven


    2021-09: Signify increases flexibility and light recipes for multilayer cultivation with upgraded Philips LED production module


    2021-08: Signify equips 17.5 hectares of chrysanthemum greenhouses with new Philips GreenPower LED Toplighting Force


    2021-07: Philips LEDs contribute to a higher winter production of cucumbers


    2021-07: Signify supplies lisianthus grower SenZaro for the second time


    2021-06: Signify announces new Philips horticulture LED partner Hortipar


    2021-06: Research Signify and Fragaria into growing strawberries with LED


    2021-05: Sunterra Farms selects Philips GreenPower LED lighting for the company’s planned expansion into fresh fruit production


    2021-05: Dutchberries is the first strawberry grower using full LED by Signify in their new greenhouse


    2021-05: Fresh, locally produced salads all year round


    2021-04: Hortis Group: "The LED light really makes a difference"

    2021-04: Agrokultura Group increases yields in greenhouse by 24% with Philips LED grow lights


    2021-04: Miljøgartneriet grows tomatoes and peppers by using Philips LED lighting


    2021-03: The highest light output LED lighting in pink tomato cultivation in Poland


    2021-03: Signify expands its toplighting range with new toplighting Force and improves its existing toplighting offering for higher efficacy, higher output and dimming


    2021-03: Den Berk Délice opts for quality and reliability from Signify again

    2021-02: Philips Greenpower LED toplighting compact and GrowWise control system help Tielemans Groentekwekerij become the first Dutch grower to harvest cucumbers year-round


    2021-01: Signify supports the Bakker plant nursery as the first lily grower in the world to improve flower quality and yield with Philips LED grow lights


    2021-01: Signify adds Artechno to its Philips horticulture LED partner network to lower bar for future vertical farmers


    2021-01: Signify supports the Bakker plant nursery as the first lily grower in the world to improve flower quality and yield with Philips LED grow lights


    2021-01: Signify’s expanded GrowWise Control Systems helps growers boost operational efficiencies



    2019-08: CannNext and Signify conduct research on effects of LED on compounds and plant characteristics of medicinal cannabis crops


    2019-08: Signify helps AppHarvest to increase yields in 25-hectare greenhouse


    2019-08: Evesham Vale Growers and R & L Holt increase marketable yield by 25% using Signify’s hybrid lighting system


    2019-07: Signify supports Bryte for its new greenhouse equipment (83,000 m²) with a hybrid Philips LED lighting system


    2019-06: Signify and WUR expand their ongoing research program to determine effects of Philips LED lighting on compounds and plant characteristics of medicinal cannabis crops


    2019-06: Easily switch from HPS to LED toplighting with the new Philips GreenPower LED toplighting compact 


    2019-06: Signify optimizes multilayer crop cultivation by introducing Philips GreenPower LED production module 3.0

    2019-05: Signify announces first project for Philips LED toplighting compact at new greenhouse for Arcadia Chrysanthemums


    2019-04: Signify expands in Belgian horticulture market with new TOMCO project

    Philips GreenPower LEDs help Prime Delica to grow healthier and safer crops

     Signify reduces time to market for North American customers


    2019-02: Signify improves the quality of Red Naomi! and Avalanche+ roses with new light spectrum


    2019-02: Signify expands GrowWise Control System to make it even easier for growers to create customized light recipes

    2019-01: Jardins Réunis and Cheminant first in France to grow cucumbers year-round with full Philips GreenPower LED lighting installations


    2019-01: Signify makes it easier to switch from HPS to LED toplighting using existing infrastructure



    2018-12: Signify teams up with world’s largest gerbera grower Holstein Flowers for 1-hectare Philips GreenPower LED toplighting project


    2018-11: Signify expands trial at Porta Nova for Philips GreenPower LED toplighting with dedicated rose spectrum


    2018-08: Philips GreenPower LED toplighting chosen by Brookberries to produce strawberries earlier and year-round 


    2018-08: Signify launches new Philips GreenPower LED toplighting with higher output for light-loving crops 


    2018-06: Signify signs deal with Agro-Inwest to more than double the size of the world’s largest LED horticultural lighting project to 68.5 hectares

    2018-06: Signify and new Horti LED Partner Hortilife boost yields at Latvian grower "Getlini EKO" through Philips Greenpower LEDs


    2018-06: Signify to supply 1.8 hectares LED lighting to Alstroemeria grower Tesselaar


    2018-05: Philips Lighting collaborates with Travaglini FarmTech and Planet Farms on first vertical farm research lab in Italy


    2018-04: Philips Lighting adds Key Accountmanager and Plant specialist to North America Horticulture LED team 

    2018-04: Philips Lighting unveils new Philips GreenPower LED toplighting light recipe for European market at Rose Event

    2018-02: Philips Lighting North America launches new GreenPower LED Interlighting with greater efficacy and plug and play installation


    2018-02: Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions adds Honey Electric to North America Partner Network


    2018-02: Philips Lighting signs new partnership agreement with greenhouse specialist ST Solution for Russian horticulture market


    2018-02: Philips Lighting installs world’s first commercial chrysanthemum LED lighting project at Linflowers


    2018-02: Philips Lighting announces first Russian LED cucumber project with Agrokultura Group and new partner Svetogor

    2018-02: Danish kalanchoe producer Queen increases number of kalanchoe buds by 15% in winter with Philips LED toplighting

    2018-01: Philips Lighting introduces new GreenPower LED toplighting with higher efficacy, light output and a longer lifetime


    2018-01: Philips Lighting installs LED project at Madestein UK, which supplies fresh lettuce to major UK retailers


    2018-01: Philips Lighting introduces new GreenPower LED production module at IPM Essen with higher efficacy and 30% longer lifetime

    2018-01: New Philips GrowWise Control System gives growers and researchers more flexibility and control


    2018-01: Philips Lighting LEDS make orchids and lettuce flourish at Sun Sing Garden in Taiwan


    2017-11: Philips Lighting adds Climatrol Solutions Ltd. to its horticulture partner network in North America

    2017-11: Philips Lighting to install its first LED grow light project in New Zealand at Gourmet Mokai


    2017-11: Philips Lighting helps annual and perennial cuttings producer and breeder Florensis Kenya


    2017-10: Philips Lighting supports MiniCrops’ first vertical farm with GreenPower LED lighting


    2017-10: Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions adds Ball Seed to North America Partner Network


    2017-10: Philips Lighting provides LED lighting for new sustainable algae production facility at AlgaeCytes


    2017-09: Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions adds BWI Grower Technical Sales to North America Partner Network


    2017-08: Philips Lighting adds John Burns as Key Account Manager to horticulture LED lighting team in North America


    2017-08: Philips Lighting signs new horticultural LED lighting project with longtime partner Wim Peters

    2017-07:  Philips Lighting expands Horticulture LED Solutions team in Australia


    2017-07: Philips Lighting develops a new growth recipe to reach seven times the average vitamin C content in arugula

    2017-06: Philips Lighting Horticulture LED Solutions adds Horticoop Scandinavia A/S to its Partner Network

    2017-06: Beijing Oritech joins Philips Horticulture LED Solutions Partner Network


    2017-06: Philips Lighting begins largest LED horticultural lighting project in the world

    2017-05: Philips Lighting adds Ray Houweling as Key Accountmanager to horticulture LED lighting team in North America


    2017-03: French 100% LED tomato growers share expertise at fourth Philips High Wire Event

    2017-03: Wageningen University research; illuminating tomato fruit enhances fruit vitamin C content


    2017-03: Wageningen University research; lettuce growth and quality optimization in a plant factory


    2017-02: Philips Lighting enables Dutch tulip grower Karel Bolbloemen to optimize its crop with new tunable LED lighting


    2017-02: Leading horticulture researchers explore new innovations


    2017-02: First large scale commercial vertical farm in Europe to be set up in the Netherlands


    2017-01: Philips Lighting introduces new GreenPower LED interlighting system

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