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    Confident growing

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    Discover the power of more confident decision-making


    What if you could grow better quality products? Produce a larger harvest? And have better control of costs, including energy and labor? Now you can! Today, a new age is dawning that will empower you to make better growing decisions with more confidence.


    By combining your growing data with advanced algorithms, you more accurately predict crop yields. So you can profit from vastly improved planning. Discover a new light on growth. Discover the power of our new data-driven lighting solutions.


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    A new light on your crop quality and business results


    Welcome to the world of data-driven lighting solutions, where more and better data combine with artificial intelligence to help you make more informed decisions about crop production and even automate parts of your production. New developments in supplemental lighting will support your craftmanship as an LED grower to improve the quality of your crop and the results of your business.


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    Rose veg

    Decision-support tools to manage your crop


    As part of our data-driven lighting solutions, we are introducing innovative new decision-support tools. For instance, new tooling is being developed based on the proven success and effectiveness of our Tomato Growth Model. This analyzes data to provide custom-made lighting advice as well as forecasts of potential yield to manage labor planning.


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    Design support tools
    Grow wise

    Real-time, fine-tuning of light recipes with GrowWise


    With our GrowWise Control System, you create custom light recipes to specify lighting time, duration, amounts and color spectrum for your crop. Integrated into GrowWise, our data-driven lighting solutions will provide real-time insights that let you steer and fine-tune your recipes to get the most out of your harvest.


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    Organized around you, even remotely


    We’re organized to help you profit from data-driven lighting. Your key account manager, plant specialist and application engineer help you develop the business case, the custom-made light recipe and the lighting design that best fits your crop. Thanks to cloud-based data storage and data-driven lighting solutions, our plant specialists can even provide real-time advice remotely on the best lighting for you.


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    Discover the latest LED news


    Shift to optimal energy usage


    Influenced by high energy prices, growers are using light to maximize profitability. They are shifting from a focus on the highest possible production to a focus on the smartest use of energy. Flexible, economical LED lighting plays a central role in their strategy.



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    Data in vertical farming


    To consistently achieve a high level of crop production, vertical farmers must ensure growth conditions are continuously at their best. Sensors combined with data collection and analysis are transforming vertical farming, providing the insights needed to maintain optimal growth environments.


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    Lower costs with LED dimming


    Our new dimming technology is a powerful tool to lower energy costs. It lets greenhouse growers integrate their Philips GrowWise Control System into their climate control systems to dim the Philips GreenPower LED grow lights reliably and easily.



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