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    Philips HPS 1000W

    Premium grow lights for hybrid projects

    Premium grow lights for hybrid projects

    When looking for a great solution combined with managed investment cost, combining HPS and LED grow lights have proven to be a great solution, because you will still be able to steer on spectrum and light recipe. Investing in a hybrid setup, will increase light levels with similar energy cost or you will reduce energy cost while maintaining the same light level with a limited investment cost.


    All Philips products are of top quality going through rigorous testing and meeting international quality standards. Premium quality with a light intensity up to 2000 μmol/m2.


    High light output up to 1985 μmol/s
    Proven reflector design for optimal performance and minimal light depreciation over time
    Available in standard and wide beam to fit any greenhouse situation
    Produced in the Netherlands
    100% Quality control and component traceability to safeguard Philips quality

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