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    Pascal van Megen

    Meet Application Engineer Pascal van Megen

    Application Engineer Pascal van Megen is always focused on finding the right balance. Whether he is making lighting plans for a greenhouse or defining the requirements for a city farm. He is new to the Philips Horti team in Europe, and loves the variety of disciplines and people involved in his job.

    Finding the best results

    Pascal studied Industrial Product Design at school. In his previous job, he worked as a Mechanical Engineer at an engineering company. For a customer in the semiconductor industry, he developed special packaging solutions and lifting tools required for the assembly and disassembly of a machine. How did he hear about Philips Horti? “A friend of mine works at Philips Horti, so I knew a bit about the company. The description for this position really appealed to me because it involved working with a broad team and interacting with customers to develop and implement the best results.”
    Pascal van Megen

    The right balance


    As part of the European team in Eindhoven, Pascal is responsible for making lighting plans, measuring light output, and creating light reports for general horticulture projects. He also works with the city farm group to define the technical requirements and help develop improvements for the entire concept. “City farming is a completely new market and I’m involved in setting up a new concept. It’s great to be involved in a project that is trying to make more efficient use of our planet’s resources to grow crops. It’s an enormously challenging puzzle to find the right balance for all of the components involved.”

    The right balance

    Targeting energy usage


    “I work directly with partners, suppliers, and customers on the city farming concept. The goal is to have control over the entire growth recipe – the climate, lighting, logistics systems, etc. One challenge here is reducing the energy usage for these projects. The total business case of course depends on the amount of energy the system uses. I’m excited about working with the team to find the best balance there.”

    Every day is different

    “I really enjoy the variety of activities in my job. Every day is different. The team I work with is great as well. People from all kinds of different disciplines are on the team and they work really closely together. I felt welcome from day one and have already learned a lot about lighting technologies and LED.”

    Targeting energy usage

    A new perspective


    ''Working here does give me a new perspective on agriculture and how our food is produced in the world. Farming has become a very complex industry. I think LED is going to have a big impact on general horticulture practices. Helping growers use light efficiently opens new opportunities for other technologies, like logistics equipment. When it comes to city farming, I think it offers a lot of advantages in terms of no pesticides, fewer crop diseases, etc. I believe that Philips Horti has a lot to offer in the future in both areas.”

    Pascal van Megen

    Application Engineer

    A new perspective

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