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    Driving a revolution in shrimp production​ with LED lighting

    Light up new possibilities in shrimp production​

    New research is conclusive: The innovative use of AquaAdvance 260W LED technology can dramatically improve white-legged shrimp production at every stage of shrimp's life.

    Dynamic light recipes delivered via AquaAdvance Shrimp 260W let farmers control spectrum, photoperiod and light intensity to support shrimp circadian rhythms and life cycle stages while eliminating stresses that affect shrimp, promoting their health and well-being. The results of well-aligned biological clocks are intensified shrimp resistance to pathogens and stronger immunity, plus the ability to harvest shrimp year-round. In addition, a direct effect of light is improved shrimp's pigmentation. These processes differ in sensitivity to the colour and amount of light. Our light recipes are designed to stimulate the desired processes in the most efficient way.

    Benefits of shrimp grow lights

    Higher shrimp yields

    Year-round shrimp production

    Better feed conversion ratios

    Higher shrimp survival rates

    Efficient use of energy and food resources

    Improved shrimp health and well-being

    Benefits of Shrimp grow lights

    Philips AquaAdvance 260W Shrimp

    Philips AquaAdvance 260W Shrimp

    Product code


    Ingress protection code​

    IP65 [Dust penetration-protected, jet proof]

    Mechanical impact protection code​

    IK08 [5 J vandal-protected]​

    Light source

    Integral LED module​


    260 W​

    Luminous flux​

    26.600 lm​

    Deepest dimming level​

    1% dimming level​

    Luminaire efficacy​

    101 lm/W​

    Maintenance of Lm output

    >90% at 70.000 hours

    Shrimps experience light differently

    light recipe shrimp


    Shrimps experience light differently since they have much more complex compound eyes. Shrimps see less red spectrum, but they can see a broader range of wavelengths than humans. Since shrimps perceive light directly using two photoreceptors located in their brains, they are sensitive to blue and green light. That way, the clock and activity of shrimps are regulated by light over a much wider wavelength range compared to humans


    The light recipes with blue and green spectrums help shrimp metabolize food more effectively, improving the amount of feed necessary to achieve a certain weight of shrimp: Feed conversion rates fall by as much as 20%. That means not only more efficient shrimp production, but a win for the environment, as using less feed means less waste in the water.

    ShrimpVet - Transformative innovation backed by science

    These conclusions emerged from experiments that Signify performed in collaboration with ShrimpVet, a Vietnam-based leader in aquaculture research. The dynamic application of blue and green spectra proved most beneficial to shrimp production, pointing toward bold new possibilities in lighting-enhanced shrimp aquaculture—and Philips is leading the way.​
    Transformative innovation backed by science

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