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    Issue November 2020

    Get to know our new Philips SeaCage 340W

    Our new Philips SeaCage 340W light is our latest development available for our customers globally. Its well-known key feature is the downward facing special fish light which aims the light where it needs to be: ‘on your fish’. This helps keeping your fish happy & healthy below the sea lice zone. The luminaire enables you to improve your operations by reducing the maturation to zero, improving both growth & FCR while installed below the sealice belt, drastically reducing sea lice infestations.


    In our new design we’ve achieved a 15% power efficiency with the same light output and its sleek design eases handling & storage of the luminaire. With our optional control system, you will be able to optimize your operations even more. Our fish experts are at your service throughout the year to propose and adjust lighting strategies to meet your production goals.


    Take benefit now and ask for our special offers, contact one of our sales managers via the “contact us” section.

    Philips seacage 680W


    At Signify, we highly value our relationship with universities and other external parties bringing in new insights and learnings. And we like to share our knowledge with you. Since the beginning of this year we have started organizing webinars in which we allow a selective group of participants to learn more for example on the background research of photoperiod lighting, conducted by the University of Stirling and Bergen. Joining our intreactive webinars is on personal invitation only.

    We are organizing a complete series of new webinars to cover the most important aspects, some more orientated on “Get to know” or “How to” and others that bring in a deep dive in the background of particular subjects. Let us know whether you’d like to receive an invite for the upcoming webinars (one every quarter) via the following link.

    Maximizing the use of your Philips lights via Signify’s software-based management system

    Philips aquaculture lights can make use of a connected lighting management platform that is helping your salmon farm to be more efficient and effective. The management platform offers full visibility and control on the Philips aquaculture lights installed. With a user-friendly, centralized dashboard you can securely access and monitor the individual light points, set schedules and adjust light levels on demand via a web browser or tablet. The easy to use tablet application provides a complete view on the installation and gives you real-time insights into the status of the lights. With the simple interface you can set light recipes optimizing the photoperiod benefits to the max.
    what is light recipe infographic
    Optimizing photoperiod benefits by adjusting the light recipe for maximum fish production

    The tool is made for you as our customer and we are keen to get your input to improve it further. Based on customer input the connected lighting management platform is improved constantly making the feature list even more rich. As an example, our latest release of the tool is available in Norwegian and the Spanish language and shows improved levels of flexibility by the provision of export and import functionalities for the schedules programmed.


    The connected lighting management platform allows you to get the most out of the Philips lights installed while regular updates ensure future readiness.

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    Other countries

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