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    Dynamic controlled
    LED lighting

    Tomteboda tunnel,

    Stockholm, Sweden


    The Tomteboda tunnel has been renovated. The entire facility – all tunnel lighting and other technology – is networked via a lighting control system. This means that the tunnel can be monitored and controlled remotely through a computer or touch panel.

    Renovating the Tomteboda tunnel with a networked lighting control system

    Because the entire 


    is based on network technology, the support was facilitated by Signify engineers and lighting experts around Europe and even in New Zealand.”


    - Mats Nilsson - Elfströms Tekniska

    Renovating the Tomteboda tunnel with a networked lighting control system
    Renovating the Tomteboda tunnel with a networked lighting control system

    Customer Challenge


    The Traffic Administration Office decided to refurbish the lighting installation. The high-pressure sodium lighting that had been in use since 1991 needed replacement. The Traffic Administration Office wanted to try LED and dynamic lighting controls for the tunnel lighting, reduce power consumption, reduce maintenance costs and have a lighting installation with long lifetime reliability.

    Renovating the Tomteboda tunnel with a networked lighting control system

    The right lighting


    T-Line luminaires were installed. The lighting is controlled remotely by the B-Scout control system. The entrance lighting receives a signal from a luminance photometer outside the tunnel that measures the lighting conditions outside, that way the lighting accurately compensates for the entrance lighting conditions.
    The tunnel entrance ceiling also has some exciting colored grazing lighting. The lighting has different striking scenes that can be reconfigured for different events, such as the National Day of Sweden.
    The guidance markers are recessed into concrete slabs on the ground along the left side of the road. It’s a flexible guidance lighting solution, that can be easily adapted to the driving conditions.

    Tunnel guidance lighting guides traffic safely through the  tunnel and secures a safe exit during emergencies

    Tunnel guidance lighting

    Tunnel guidance lighting guides traffic safely through the tunnel and secures a safe exit during emergencies.


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