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    Lighting the

    world's longest under-sea tunnel

    Ryfast, Ryfylke, Norway


    The construction of Ryfast - Norways largest tunnel building project - is underway, and when completed will provide safe passage for those travelling from Jaeren to Ryfylke. Developers sought to make sure the lighting would allow drivers to pass through in complete safety and comfort.   
    tunnel, lighting, indoor

    The tunnel is much
    better lit

    compared to older tunnels. A Constant Lumen Output (CLO) function means the light fittings work just as well when they're dirty or when nearing the end of their life.”


    - Christopher Wilhelm Pedersen, Project Design Manager/Engineering Lead, Roxel Infra AS

    tunnel, lighting, indoor

    Customer challenge


    Many existing tunnels in Norway have been installed with outdated lighting, making the roads dangerous and maintenance an expensive task. Ryfast is designed to support 8,000 vehicles per day, so needed a suitable and effective lighting solution.  

    tunnel, exterior, outdoor

    The right lighting 

    We installed Philips TubePoint luminaires along the length of the tunnel ceiling, illuminating the entire road in high-quality, bright LED light. Each one also contains a 'flying-lead' cable, allowing quick and easy replacement.


    Lux meters have been installed at the tunnel's entrance, inner zone and exit, so light levels can be continuously monitored and adjusted depending on the natural level of light. There's also a radar system that indicates whether a driver has stopped and triggers an evacuation light accordingly. 

    Above all, our light system ensures safety at all times. In the event of an emergency or power cut, some of the luninaires will remain on, and highly efficient optics provide a superior spread of light.

    TubePoint Luminaires


    Luminaire range for traffic tunnels.

    The Team

    Christoffer Pedersen

    Bjørn Rune Steinsland

    Sales manager public

    Signify Norway

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