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    Superior driving comfort with Philips TunneLogic

    A safe passage

    Erkenek Tunnel,
    Malatya, Turkey

    Opened in 2017, The Erkenek Tunnel is a 2km stretch of road which connects East Anatolia with the Mediterranean Region via Malatya. The tunnel was designed to allow traffic to bypass the Erkenek Pass, improving the journey of truckers and tradespeople.
    Erkenek Tüneli

    We simultaneously

    driver safety and visual comfort while maximizing energy saving levels."


    - Onur Uraz - Outdoor Lighting Product Manager


    Customer challenge


    The General Directorate of Highways needed a lighting solution that would not just enhance driver safety and visibility but meet their sustainability objectives too. From exploration and design to commissioning, service agreements and financial solution packages - we wanted all stakeholders to see the value in our partnership.


    The right lighting


    With quality, cost-effectiveness and sustainability in mind, Philips Lighting collaborated with local authorities to install Philips TubePoint luminaires throughout both tubes of the 2km tunnel. The TunneLogic management system was also integrated to allow complete control over lighting levels throughout the tunnel.



    Tunnel lighting control system

    Philips TunneLogic

    Luminaires for tunnels

    Project team



    Onur Uraz

    Outdoor Lighting Product Manager

    Dilara Gürkan

    Project Marketing Manager

    Bahadır Ünlüsoy

    Project Channel Sales Manager

    Savaş Keskiner- Project Photographer

    İstavrit Visual Solutions

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