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    A safer journey 

    LED tunnel lighting improves the driver


    Çamlica Tunnel,  Istanbul, Turkey


    The Çamlica Tunnel – a 3,680-meter long tunnel connecting Çamlica and Libadiya – was opened in 2019 to reduce traffic congestion on the roads of Istanbul, Turkey’s busiest and most populated city.

    camlica tuneli

    Philips TubePoint
    hugely simplifies

    the entire process of selecting, installing and commissioning tunnel luminaires.”
    camlica tuneli

    Customer challenge


    The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality needed a reliable lighting solution, one which would keep drivers safe and comfortable, while allowing maintenance work to be carried out quickly without disruption to traffic.

    camlica tuneli

    The right lighting


    Over 1,500 Philips TubePoint LED luminaires were installed, maximizing energy savings while simultaneously improving driving safety and visual comfort. Maintenance can also be carried out considerably more quickly and safely than before.


    Philips TubePoint


    Philips TubePoint is perfect for tunnels not just because of its light output, but because of its easy installation and maintenance. You get:

    •   Flexible mounting

    •   Quick opening

    •   Different connection options