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    Preserving the clarity of
    the Canary Islands' night sky

    Puerto de la Cruz,
    Canary Islands


    The Canary Islands are not only famous for tourism, but also for a clear night sky which provides excellent opportunities for astronomers. The Teide Observatory in particular has become one of the major international observatories due to the exceptional clarity of the night skies in this region. 

    How sustainable lighting improved the quality of the sky in Canary Islands?

    The new 
    lighting solution,

    together with Interact City, is a significant step towards sustainability, preserving the clarity of the night sky and improving the quality of service to our citizens.”


    - Lope Afonso, Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz

    Puerto de la Cruz, urban lighting
    Puerto de la Cruz, urban lighting

    Customer challenge


    Recently, several new measures were put in place by the local government to ensure all outdoor lighting complies with the specifications defined by the Canary Islands Institute of Astrophysics (IAC). Some of the conventional lighting solutions were compliant with these specifications, but due its obvious advantages, many of the municipalities wanted to make the switch to LED lighting. But many of the available options were not compliant with the Astrophysics Institute specifications.

    Puerto de la Cruz, urban lighting

    The right lighting

    To support locations like the Canary Islands, as well as others who want to take more serious measures against light pollution, we initiated the development of a new optical solution. We worked closely together with key experts from the IAC when defining the final specifications, and the end result was a fully compliant and certified solution, which also meets all the criteria defined by the officials of Puerto de la Cruz.


    The installation of the new lighting took place in early 2018 and consisted of several building blocks. Philips Luma and Philips ClassicStreet luminaires using the new optical solutions were installed near the observatory. The same luminaires deliver a warmer color temperature (2700K) in the city center, plus on pedestrian crossings and walking areas, to ensure the ambience remains unchanged.


    The new light points are also wirelessly connected to our Interact City lighting management software, so they can be dimmed and controlled remotely. Moreover, using this new open software platform, the city can also keep its options open and opt in for smart technologies and innovations such as different sensor applications whenever they become available.

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    Interact City, Guadalajara, Spain, systems

    Interact City

    Interact City connected LED lighting system and management software provides you with a robust infrastructure to improve city services. Improve citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride.

    Preserving the clarity of the night sky and improving the quality of service to citizens

    The Team

    Municipality of Puerto de la Cruz


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