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    Los Angeles is

    blazing the trail

    for connected street lighting

    Making the city of Los Angeles 
    a livable city

    With Philips CityTouch, Los Angeles remotely manages more than 100,000 street lights to create a more livable city.
    90 seconds video about Ed Ebrahimian

    With this technology, it is

    just so headache-free

    We install it and move on.”


    - Ed Ebrahimian, Director of the Bureau of Street Lighting

    90 seconds video about Ben Ferrari

    Customer challenge


    The 215,000 street lights in Los Angeles include more than 400 different styles distributed across 7,500 miles of roadway. Maintenance has traditionally depended on crews who scout the streets at night to identify outages— that, and calls from citizens. The bureau handles 40,000 such calls per year. They needed to find new technology that could improve customer service, make people feel safer, and create a more livable city. 

    CityTouch safety

    The right system


    After piloting systems from several different managers, street lighting directory Ed Ebrahimian selected Philips CityTouch, “the best product at the lowest price.”


    CityTouch capabilities that helped decide Ebrahimian included remote monitoring, automatic notification of outages and other events, easy installation and simple commissioning, accurate lighting asset information, integration with the bureau’s existing management systems, and futureproofing through software as a service delivery.


    CityTouch software

    CityTouch is a software platform for outdoor lighting. It allows operators to monitor and manage the public outdoor lighting infrastructure. They can also store, visualise, and analyse historical information about luminaire performance.

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    CityTouch connector node

    Now there is a simple way to make any street light smart and connected. The CityTouch connector node is a unique plug & play solution that enables you to connect your streets lights with CityTouch lighting management system.

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    The Team

    Ed Ebrahimian  

    Director, Bureau of Street Lighting

    City of Los Angeles

    Bureau of Street Lighting



    Philips CityTouch

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