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    A sustainably-
    designed city

    City of Gaiserwald, 


    Dimming automatically with the click of a mouse and up to 60 energy savings with an intelligent LED lighting concept with CityTouch in Gaiserwald, Switzerland - implemented by IBG Engineering.

    Street lighting with CityTouch in Gaiserwald, Switzerland

    With CityTouch we're giving our customers 

     pioneering technology, sustainability, and excellent cost-effectiveness in one package.”

    - Jürgen Heber, Street Lighting Project Manager IBG B. Graf AG Engineering

    Street lighting with CityTouch in Gaiserwald, Switzerland
    Street lighting with CityTouch in Gaiserwald, Switzerland.

    Customer challenge


    What if street lighting could play an active role in local life while also saving energy? What if each luminaire consistently produced precisely the right amount of light necessary for good visibility and an improved feeling of safety? And what if they could accomplish this no matter the time of day or the city’s needs - from early evening to the middle of the night or during a public holiday? 

    Street lighting with CityTouch in Gaiserwald, Switzerland.

    The right lighting


    With its innovative technology, CityTouch is a versatile, long-term investment allowing luminaires to be replaced in stages. CityTouch’s userfriendly interface allows the customer to manage their new LED luminaires directly from their desk - online and without additional software or the need for substantial training.


    Previously, the municipality would switch off every other sodium vapor lamp on certain streets when less light was needed. The city simply accepted that light distribution would be uneven. Today, individual luminaires, and even entire streets, can be dimmed or even turned up to full power automatically. 

    Any light point connected to the CityTouch system automatically communicates its technical data, nominal service time, energy consumption and problems. And that means that Jürgen Heber can rest assured that everything’s running smoothly in Gaiserwald - and that every LED luminaire is saving as much as 60% more energy than the municipality’s former sodium lamps.

    Because all operation-relevant processes are noticeably simplified and transparent, CityTouch has made the working relationship between the city and the utility provider much more flexible.



    CityTouch is a software platform for outfoor lighting. It allows operators to monitor and manage the public outdoor lighting infrastructure. They can also store, visualise, and analyse historical information about luminaire performance.

    Up to 60% 
    energy savings

    The Team

    City of Gaiserwald  

    The Client

    IBG Engineering

    Project management


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