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    Safe and sustainable cities thanks to Philips SunStay

    Solar powered street lighting

    Veneto, Italy 


    Signify improved the lighting in eight different municipalities across the Veneto region, providing Philips SunStay solar or hybrid-powered luminaires to make the cities safer and more sustainable.

    Illuminazione stradale a energia solare

    We are thrilled to have brought the benefits of solar technology to Veneto.

    We’re convinced that we can increasingly promote the spread of renewable energy in our country.”


    -  Daniel Tatini, Managing Director of Signify Italy, Greece and Israel

    Customer challenge


    Although mainly residential, the municipalities involved in the project are characterized by large green and unspoiled spaces. Naturally, this means they’re more difficult to reach, and access to electricity can be costly or unstable, making it even more difficult to ensure good lighting quality. The challenge was to upgrade the street lighting systems and enhance the area to make it safer, more welcoming and more sustainable.

    La sfida

    Efficient and sustainable streetlighting


    A total of 82 Philips SunStay All In One streetlighting fixtures were supplied for the project, resulting in a renewable, efficient and easy to maintain system. The luminaires, equipped with photovoltaic panels and batteries, work thanks to the stored solar energy, removing the reliance on the power grid. The eight municipalities involved can now benefit from high-quality streetlighting that’s capable of making the entire area safe and sustainable.

    Illuminazione stradale efficiente e sostenibile

    Philips SunStay All In One

    A solar streetlight luminaire with integrated lithium-iron-phosphate battery, solar panel and charger. Efficient and sustainable, it illuminates desired areas without the need for access to the power grid.

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