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    Growing effeciency,
    shrinking costs

    City of Knittelfeld,



    With its CityTouch installation, the municipality of Knittelfeld in Styria, Austria, have reduced lighting costs by 80%, and enjoys better light quality and an increased sense of safety.

    City of Knittelfeld

    Our lighting is
    so innovative

    and efficient that we’ve managed to save 20% on investment and cut energy costs by 80%."


    - Gerald Schmid, Mayor of Knittelfeld

    City of Knittelfeld
    City of Knittelfeld

    Customer Challenge


    Before renewing its street lighting system, the municipality set out three primary objectives: improving road safety, saving energy and quick and easy management of day-to-day street lighting operations. Knittelfeld needed a public lighting system capable of measuring, managing and monitoring all connected street lighting from a map-based view in close to real-time. Thee system needed to run securely and remotely on a standard web browser via their existing network.

    City of Knittelfeld

    The right lighting


    The renewal, in which inefficient high-pressure mercury-vapor luminaires were replaced with energy-saving LED luminaires, targeted 2,000 light points – 200 Luma luminaires were installed, and 1,800 Stela luminaires were coordinated and entered to the system.


    The Luma luminaires automatically locate themselves, followed by an automatic commissioning process. The Stela luminaires can be activated whenever their data is required. These CityTouch Ready luminaires are truly plug-and-play solutions.


    As soon as a CityTouch Ready luminaire connects to the CityTouch back-end it’s ready for operation. Once integrated, public lighting workers can track the luminaires’ performance, and adjust lighting levels almost instantly. He can even generate maintenance and fault reports. 


    Performing management tasks through a user-friendly interface saves a lot of time and even more in costs. The luminaires relay close to real-time performance data, such as lighting levels and energy consumption. With the user-friendly CityTouch connect app, each luminaire can be managed individually or in groups to perform close to real-time or prescheduled actions.

    Up to 80%
    energy savings

    The Team

    Municipality of Knittelfeld


    Harald Bergmann

    Head of Public
    Philips Lighting

    Norbert Kolowrat

    Sales Manager for Public
    Philips Lighting

    Norbert Kolowrat

    Sales Manager for Public,
    Philips Lighting

    Franz Schöllauf

    Lighting consultants,
    Philips Lighting

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