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    More than just lighting at

    Europe’s largest port

    Port of Barcelona,

    The Port of Barcelona is the main port in the Mediterranean in terms of cruise ship traffic and the world’s fourth largest, second only to ports in the Caribbean.
    Barcelona port project with Philips Lighting

    The main

    was to increase comfort throughout the area by applying highly uniform lighting in the most energy-efficient way possible."


    - Raúl Pablo Francés. Manager of Network Services and Supplies. Barcelona Port Authority

    Philips LED lighting helped the Port of Barcelona reduce energy consumption and deliver a better quality of light with ClearFlood floodlights connected to CityTouch remote light management system

    Customer Challenge


    Being a very popular tourist destination in its own as well as enjoying a high volume of cruise ship traffic, the Port Authorities were looking for ways to make the area even more welcoming. There were two key objectives they wanted to meet:


    • Increased comfort - and sense of safety - for both the residents and tourists
    • A more exciting and memorable experience, to enhance the visitor welcome
    Barcelona port

    The right lighting


    From the start, increased energy efficiency was one of the key priorities, which is why LED technology was the obvious choice. Taking all lighting requirements into account, we recommended the use of the ClearFlood Large luminaire, with the optimized Ledgine optical platform. Thanks to its highly application-specific optical solution, uniform lighting could be delivered even in areas that had unique dimensions and requirements. Now, the whole area is much brighter and more welcoming, providing a greater sense of comfort and safety to both the residents and tourists.


    Additionally, the Port Authorities became very interested in increasing efficiency of other processes and operations. Therefore, after seeing the possibilities lighting management software can bring, the Port of Barcelona also decided to opt for the Interact lighting software, which provides insights and forecasts on the use and state of the lighting installation, to optimize operations even further.


    But the project did not end here. In order to improve the image of the port and deliver a more interesting experience to visitors, the Port Authorities also decided to explore the benefits of color-changing architectural lighting. For this, Philips recommended Color Kinetics fixtures to be used in combination with a wireless control system, giving the port full flexibility. A pilot installation was made on the main bridge at the port, which now provides an even more fascinating first impression for tourists arriving at the Port of Barcelona. 

    Increased energy efficiency


    50% less energy
    Efficient maintenance and improved operating efficiency

    Efficient maintenance and improved operational efficiency

    Information on maintenance, 
    enabling a more proactive approach
    Increased comfort throughout the port

    Increased comfort 
    throughout the

    Enabled by the highly uniform light distribution
    Improved image


    Thanks to the color changing lighting effects
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    Interact Lighting management software

    Using Interact Lighting management software application you can control, monitor and manage all your connected light points using a single dashboard application.

    Uniform and energy-efficient
    area lighting

    The team

    Port of Barcelona


    Citelum Ibérica


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