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    Safe lighting 

    for petrol stations

    TOTAL Petrol stations,

    LED lighting helps save energy and reduce operational costs.
    TOTAL Benelux –Petrol Station Lighting- Philips -2

    The forecourt,
    where people

    refuel their vehicles, is now a lot brighter, making it easier to see what’s going on.”


    - Marleen Baudoin, petrol station manager TOTAL Kerkeind

    TOTAL Benelux –Petrol Station Lighting- Philips -3

    Customer Challenge


    According to TOTAL, many of their petrol stations were insufficiently lit in the area around the pump. This was unpleasant for customers, employees and ultimately damaging to the brand.

    TOTAL Benelux –Petrol Station Lighting- Philips -4

    The right lighting


    To improve visibility, the current light level at the petrol stations will be increased considerably, from 200 to 400 lux around the pumps. Thanks to the integrated presence and twilight sensors, extra energy can be saved because light levels drop to 70% if there are no motorists near the pumps. The presence and twilight sensors only have to be set once with the app on the telephone and then the petrol station manager can leave the system to do its job.

    The visibility of the forecourt from the store is improved dramatically which is beneficial for both employees and customers. The color rendition of the light increases the feeling of social safety – faces, vehicles and, not unimportantly, license plates can be seen more clearly. This improves security as well because better lighting enhances the quality of the security camera images. Above all, the TOTAL petrol stations now have better visibility from the highway. Through their improved illumination the buildings are more striking, which can certainly be beneficial for sales.

    The switch to new LED lighting will give many TOTAL petrol stations a positive boost. While it’s difficult to predict how much will be saved because every station is slightly different, the petrol station at Kerkeind has demonstrated energy and cost savings of 70%! The station could save even more by dimming the lights further when no one is present at the pump.

    TOTAL Benelux,
    Petrol Station

    The Team

    TOTAL Benelux

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