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    Joining forces to redefine
    in-store shopping 

    Shell convenience store,
    Rijswijk, the Netherlands 


    Despite the growth of e-commerce, most retail sales still happen in stores. And in the petrol station branch, the store’s role is even more important: only four minutes to entertain, inspire, engage and inform.

    Shell convenience store, Rijswijk, the Netherlands

    I really like that

    recognizes the business side of lighting. Because everything we do in the service of the shopper should lead to a sustainable and profitable outcome”.


    - Ewout Rooda, Manager Convenience Retail Benelux & France, Shell

    Customer challenge


    Shopping behavior and final choices are triggered by a combination of perception and emotional response, so a store needs to create a multisensory store environment. This is where lighting comes into place. Shell wanted to explore the possibilities of light, how it affects shopper behavior and how it can be used to improve the in-store experience.

    The right lighting


    Thanks to its energy efficiency and longevity, LED was the obvious choice for the lighting. But it has much more to offer, Shell gained insight into buying preferences at specific times of the day, which enabled them to optimize the store layout and product presentation. The dynamic light settings throughout the day were shown to generate extra traffic to particular product categories. Secondly the presentation of products was enhanced. Customers responded positively on the attractiveness of the products and of the store atmosphere as a result of the flavors and recipes. Next to that customers commented on the enhanced feeling of safety, especially at night. And finally staff reported less eye strain and less tiredness.

    The primary benefits of the installation

    Insight into buying preferences at specific times of the day
    Increased traffic to highlighted product categories during the day
    Enhanced look and feel of products displayed

    Customers feel safer



    Excellent quality of light and optimized product presentation

    The team



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