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    urban areas in Wigan  

    Wigan Town Centre,
    Lancashire, UK

    Find out how LED city lighting is making Wigan Town Centre safer at night.
    Wigan Town Centre uses energy efficient Philips LED city lighting to create a bright, safe environment

    Signify has provided us
    with a solution

    that not only helps to reduce the council’s carbon footprint, but one which delivers excellent lighting. The new LED lighting has helped to enhance people’s feeling of safety and security at night, while enhancing the new outdoor furniture, materials and improved architectural landscape we have invested in through our regeneration scheme.”


    - Keith Benson, Wigan Council’s Street Scene and Lighting Manager

    Philips LED city lighting product SpeedStar is implemented at Wigan Town Centre to keep the area safe at night

    Customer challenge

    Wigan is a forward-thinking city. Seeking to cut costs and help the environment, its council looked to energy efficient lighting for assistance. With safety for drivers and pedestrians high on the priority list, could LED city lighting make a difference?

    The right lighting


    Safety in urban areas is paramount for Wigan. The council wanted to make sure people felt safe walking around at night. The right lighting would help by making it easy to recognise faces and distinguish objects. Furthermore, the quality of CCTV images is improved by white light. The right illumination could deter criminals and assist the police in bringing crime rates down.


    SpeedStar LED transformed the streets of Wigan. Its clear white light creates optimal visibility for both pedestrians and drivers. As a result, drivers can see the roads clearly, and residents feel safer walking around the streets. The lighting also highlights the new outdoor furniture and architectural landscape that the city council has invested in.


    The new LED city lighting is controlled by a central management system that enhances energy savings. It ensures that the right level of light is being used at the right time. Brightness is reduced during the week, and maximized at weekends, when night time activity is at its peak. To ensure that SpeedStar was fully supported and any vibration from the street reduced, we also created a bespoke wall bracket for this specific application.


    The streets of Wigan are now safer, thanks to the improved visibility on and around the roads. In addition, the energy efficient lighting has reduced Wigan’s carbon footprint and lowered energy costs.


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