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    Rekindling the magic

    of Toulouse


    Toulouse is the capital city of the southwest Occitanie region in France.

    Situated on the banks of the River Garonne, it is one of the most beautiful historic towns in France with UNESCO World Heritage Sites..


    Toulouse regained its
    magical glow

    with a customized solution that met all the city’s diverse needs."


    - Jen-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse

    Toulouse, France

    Customer Challenge


    When Jen-Luc Moudenc was appointed as the new Mayor of Toulouse in 2014, one of his inaugural promises was to ‘rallumer la ville de Toulouse’. His aim was to bring the magic of the historic city back to life with light, emphasizing the beautiful architecture and enhancing the atmosphere whilst also improving safety and saving energy. But renovating the lighting efficiently, aesthetically pleasingly and economically was not a straightforward task in the historic city center. A 1:1 retrofit solution was needed, in order to enable the local authority to complete a fast, cost-effective upgrade, without replacing luminaries and their fixings.


    The right lighting


    The old high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting infrastructure was replaced with a customized solution, built especially for the project. Each of the classic lanterns was combined with a custom made retrofit kit.

    • At the base of the luminaire, a LED module provides functional illumination throughout the night to improve visibility and increase safety.
    • A bit of uplight is used to emphasize the beautiful facades in the city center.  But to reduce sky glow and light pollution and respect the night time of residents, after 1 a.m. the level of this ambiance light can be reduced or switched off completely if necessary. 
    • On top of the luminaire, a small floodlight highlights the architectural features of surrounding buildings and is equipped with a Dynadimmer controller. This enables scheduled dimming to reduce light nuisance and maximize energy savings.

    Thanks to a completely bespoke solution, we were able to rekindle the historic magic of Toulouse. The quality of light creates a warm and inviting atmosphere which, combined with the hospitality of the residents, makes the city more pleasant and alluring than ever before. The city’s architecture and monuments can be appreciated once more and the streets are a pleasure to explore after dark. And thanks to Philips LED lighting and controls technology, the 50% in energy savings look just as attractive as the city center.

    Energy saving of 50%

    Energy saving of 50%

    Brings the magic of Toulouse back to life

    Brings the magic of Toulouse back to life

    Emphasizes the rose-colored architecture

    Emphasizes the rose-colored architecture

    Improves visibility and safety

    Improves visibility and safety

    Reduces light nuisance

    Reduces light nuisance

    A customized solution
    that met all the city’s diverse needs

    The team

    Municipality of Toulouse


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