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    Making city squares


    Saint-Gervais squares,
    Geneva, Switzerland

    Learn how simple city squares were turned into exciting social spots with LED square lighting.
    Square in Geneva illuminated by Philips

    Thanks to energy-efficient,
    low-maintenance LEDs,

    Geneva is saving money while improving quality of life for residents and visitors."

    Customer challenge

    The Saint-Gervais district in Geneva was undergoing a radical revamp. Deciding to create more areas where the locals could relax and socialize, the local council turned three city squares into pedestrian hangout spots. To complete the transformation, a people-friendly lighting solution was needed.


    The right lighting 

    Before the renovations, the three squares were very different places. Place Simon-Goulart was a parking area, Place de Saint-Gervais a traffic island, and Place de Bel-Air an unfriendly public transportation hub. As part of the transformations, all three squares needed illumination that would comply with Geneva’s Lighting Master Plan.


    Place Simon-Goulart became a vast meeting place for all generations, complete with fountains and attractive architecture. Philips square lighting was used to generate a safe, social atmosphere that would attract locals after dark. The lighting system is suspended by cables eight meters above street level to free up as much floor space as possible. A ‘chandelier’, composed of three street lights equipped with LEDs, illuminates the central part of the square without any uncomfortable glare.


    In Place de Saint-Gervais, wall-mounted luminaires free up space and sustain a comfortable social environment. In Place de Bel-Air, RGB LED pointers were installed at the top of triangular poles. Because it is a windy square, the lights have been programmed to change color according to the current wind speed. This color-changing effect is a talking point amongst locals, and it brings a new sense of pride to the area.


    The Geneva installation was a successful entry in the Philips city.people.light competition for 2013, winning third prize in the prestigious contest.

    urban design

    The Team

    Saint-Gervais district, Geneva


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