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    Creating a more attractive,
    comfortable and livable
    space for residents

    Municipality of Rogaland,

    South Rogaland, Norway is taking their lighting into the future. Over the next two years, eleven communities in the region will be transformed through one of the biggest intelligent street lighting projects currently underway in the country.

    The cities
    in our region

    are very interested in investing in smart solutions for the future. Therefore, we wanted to deliver a lighting solution that can accomodate current and future needs and services.


    Jarl Hoogstad, Product Manager for Road and Street Lighting at Lyse Elnett

    Customer Challenge


    The project’s leaders wanted a sustainable, future-proof lighting solution – one that would be easy to manage and control for them but would also meet the needs of their residents by providing comfortable, high-quality light to brighten the dark days of winter and provide better visibility and security at night.

    The right lighting


    Lyse Elnett, the utilities company managing the region’s street lighting,  launched the project by installing more than 5,000 Philips Luma luminaires on the main and high traffic roads of the city. Impressed with the results, some communities asked to extend the project to parks and residential areas installing CityCharm luminaires. The City of Stavanger wanted an extra go-round to upgrade park lighting as well as street lighting,” says Jarl Hoogstad, Product Manager for Road and Street Lighting at Lyse Elnett. “CityCharm luminaires are controlled via the Interact lighting management software just like the  lighting on the high traffic roads, and we can do this for all outdoor lighting, which complements our thinking on smart lighting management".  The lighting software provides the municipalities in Rogaland shared, and extremely simple, control and management of a large number of lights.

    Sustainable, energy efficient light

    The new lighting is estimated to provide up to 70% in energy savings and significant CO2 reduction compared with conventional lighting systems.

    Increased safety and comfort

    The new lighting installation improves the quality of living for residents, making people feel safer and stimulating people to use their public spaces more frequently even during night time. The more gentle lighting applied in residentials areas also makes the streets look more attractive and friendly after the sun goes down.

    Efficient operations

    The new lighting system also delivers advantages in terms of operational efficiency by providing valuable and accurate insights about operating time, energy consumption on individual or luminaire group level, resulting in better planning and enabling proactive and more efficient maintenance operations.

    Scalable lighting solution

    Because the system is going to incorporate future upgrades and is ready to be combined with various smart city applications, the new lighting system in Rogaland is also scalable and fully supports the ambition of the municipality to create and sustain smart cities.

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    Interact city

    Interact City

    Interact City connected LED lighting system and management software provides you with a robust infrastructure to improve city services. Improve citizen safety, beautify public spaces, engage with citizens and encourage civic pride.

    Intelligent and high quality lighting
    in South Rogaland

    The team

    Municipality of Rogaland


    Lyse Elnett


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