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    city streets in Naestved

    City center,
    Naestved, Denmark  


    Find out how city street lights are beautifying Naestved city center while saving energy

     The City center Naestved, Denmark lit up with the Metronomis LED

    The timeless design is
    a great fit for

    the urban environment, and LEDs also have great environmental advantages.”

    - Chief Executive Officer Bjarne Andreasen, NK-Vejlys A/S


    Philips Metronomis LED city street lights are a perfect choice for the urban lighting at City center Naestved, Denmark


    Customer challenge


    When the Ringstedgade area in the centre of Neastved was being renovated, new street lights were a priority. But could an environmentally friendly solution also fit in with the beautiful old buildings of the town, as well as the existing town lighting?

    The right lighting


    Meeting all of the requirements required a truly flexible fixture. Metronomis LED was the perfect match for the job, with its simple, timeless design and environmentally friendly performance. Filling the street with warm, bright illumination, Metronomis is ideal for this urban setting, where it create a safer environment with clear night vision.


    With Metronomis LEDs in place, we were on our way to a superb urban face lift. To supplement the main city street lights, we also installed Amphilux LEDs in the street surfacing as guidance. This durable recessed spotlight is ideal for urban settings, due to its low power consumption and waterproof construction. Decoscene LEDs were used for architectural lighting of buildings and trees, enhancing the appearance of surroundings from a snug floor-mounted housing.


    The renovation was a success on all counts. Choosing Metronomis LED for urban lighting means that Naestvad will benefit from greatly reduced maintenance costs – the service life for LED is 70,000-120,000, compared to the 12,000 hour life of the previous lamps. In addition, the simple appearance of the street lamps integrates perfectly with the old style of the surrounding architecture.


    Early calculations show that the new city street lights will provide energy savings of around 60% compared to the old system, meaning LED technology is reducing costs and C02 emissions for the city.

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