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    Creating a more pleasant, 
    livable space 
    both for residents and wildlife

    the Netherlands

    The picturesque island of Ameland, off the north coast of the Netherlands, has implemented responsible and sustainable lighting to ensure the comfort of residents and visitors. At the same time, the lighting protects the island’s valuable and delicate ecosystem by creating a livable space for wildlife and avoiding light disturbance to migrating birds.
    Ameland public lighting

    An essential part of

    proved to be a future-proof solution for public lighting. Future-proof lighting should not only be energy efficient. It must also provide room for effective raw material use, and for reuse and recycling. That is important for the conservation of ecological systems on Ameland."


    - Luc van Tiggelen, Sustainability Project Manager, Ameland


    The vision of a Sustainable Ameland


    The vision of the municipality of Ameland is built around sustainability, incorporating a future based on a CO2 neutral, ecologically responsible energy supply. The municipality is consulting and working together with a number of companies to deliver solutions that support the conservation of Ameland’s wildlife and provide comfort to its residents.


    Using no more light than is necessary


    The UrbanStar luminaires at the beach entrances are equipped with LumiMotion control, which detects the movement of people and larger animals – triggering an increase in light intensity – while disregarding the motion of smaller animals and birds. By using this light-on-demand solution, Ameland protects its nature by minimizing light disturbance during the night, and also achieves higher energy savings.

    All luminaires on the island are connected to Interact lighting management software, which allows the municipality to manage, monitor and measure their light remotely.

    Ameland residents have expressed delight at the new lighting solution. The reduced light pollution enables them to see more stars at night. At the same time the new lighting offers a sense of visibility and comfort. The residents also welcome the municipality’s sustainability efforts.

    Conservation of nature

    Conservation of nature

    The specially designed light spectrum for birds combined with LumiMotion control have reduced light pollution and minimized light disturbance to birds.
    Greater comfort for residents and visitors

    Greater comfort
    for residents and visitors

    In the residential streets, comfortable light that is easy on the eye is enabled by the GentleBeam optical solution.
    A sustainable Ameland

    A sustainable Ameland

    Ameland’s overall lighting solution provides a good foundation for a sustainable, CO2 neutral future concept.
    Increased energy efficiency and optimized control

    Increased energy efficiency and optimized control

    The use of LED lighting has significantly cut energy consumption, while the remote management of light points also enables further savings in terms of energy consumption and maintenance.
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    Sustainable lighting safeguarding wildlife
    in Ameland

    The team

    Municipality of Ameland


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