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    Secure Parking 24/7

    thanks to smart lighting

    Klosterhof parking in Kempen, Germany


    Intelligent, energy-efficient lighting makes people feel safer in parking garages.

    Klosterhof parking in Kempen, Germany

    The benefits of choosing
    an innovative technology

    as the GreenParking system guarantees performance, security, and cost-effectiveness."


    -  Axel Martin Schmitz, Project Manager, Ralf Schmitz GmbH & Co. KGaA

    Klosterhof parking in Kempen, Germany

    Customer Challenge


    The investors wanted a model parking with generous parking places and visitor-friendly signage clearly identifying parking areas and pedestrian walkways. The lighting needed to create optimum illumination in all areas,despite the low ceiling height.

    Klosterhof parking in Kempen, Germany

    The right lighting


    Having initially planned to install a conventional lighting solution, the investor finally decided on a very innovative solution: PacificLED GreenParking System. The patented concept combines highly-efficient LED lighting with wireless control systems and a presence recognition system. Thanks to the wireless sensor system, no re-wiring was necessary so it could be installed without further costs and with little effort.  

    A presence recognition system detects people and cars in the vicinity, maximizing the energy-saving opportunities. The lighting powers up as required and is always one step ahead of visitors to the parking lot. Once people leave the corresponding zone, the light is dimmed to 20% in energy-saving mode.

    “It is really good that we have opted for innovative technology. PacificLED GreenParking System guarantees performance, security, and cost-effectiveness.", said Axel Martin Schmitz.





    The perfect balance between safety and energy savings.


    More about the system

    The Team

    Ralf Schmitz GmbH

    Ralf Schmitz GmbH 

    Ingenieurbüro Huber

    Ingenieurbüro Huber 

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