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    Transforming city life

    How the Danish capital achieved major energy savings  

    Customer challenge

    City authorities in Copenhagen are ambitious when it comes to sustainability, aiming to become CO2 neutral by 2025. At the same time, they are committed to improving both quality of life in the city and working conditions for employees, residents and visitors alike.


    For their latest project, upgrading indoor lighting was a top priority; the aim being to replace all conventional light source luminaires in publicly owned properties with long-life, high-quality LED solutions.

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    a good working

    relationship with Signify and ELTEL and the team functioned well. Liaising closely with users is also important. They are the ones who needs to work in the lighting every day, so they are the ones who must be happy with it.”


    – Thomas Knud Maare, Project Manager, Copenhagen City Council

    Philips Hamburg headquarters office lighting installation, office building


    Philips LED lighting fixtures were supplied by Signify, alongside wireless control system SpaceWise. This offering helped deliver optimum lighting comfort and flexibility, as well as significant energy savings.

    SpaceWise replaces the need for each individual luminaire to be connected by separate control leads. A wireless switch is mounted on the wall, with both a sensor and a control module in each fixture communicating constantly and automatically adjusting the lighting depending on a room’s occupancy or the level of daylight. For example, as someone enters a room, the luminaire can determine exactly how much light is needed; however, it’s also possible to manually input your desired settings.
    The project was a major undertaking, involving the installation of over 15,000 Philips LED luminaires and sensors, as part of a refurbishment in 95 different buildings – including schools, nurseries and homes for the elderly.