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    The tall tale
    of a green city skycraper

    Tower 42,
    London, UK

    Find out how office lighting is helping to meet Tower 42’s environmental goals
    Philips office lighting control systems brings extra light and sustainability to this Tower 42 meeting room

    We are delighted with
    the end result.

    The lighting has helped to transform Level 12 whilst making significant energy savings and reducing our maintenance costs through greatly extended lamp life.”

    -Tower 42’s Building Services Manager John Gentry

    Corridor and elevators in the Tower 42 building, lit using Philips office lighting

    Customer challenge


    Tower 42 is the tallest building in London’s financial district. The tower’s ethos is to offer its tenants the best commercial workplace possible, while meeting environmental responsibilities. Could new office lighting illuminate 800m2 of office while reducing energy consumption?

    Break out area in tower 42 illuminated by Philips Lighting

    The right lighting


    With overheads being high in London, an energy-efficient lighting solution would help to keep costs low and reduce maintenance. Therefore, the new lighting would need to be optimized for the environment, the occupants, and the tower owner. Tower 42 evaluated a number of options for lighting on level 12, weighing up energy performance and life cycle costs.


    LED lighting came out on top. Philips created a mock-up of all the proposed lighting solutions, which met all of Tower 42’s criteria. Chosen for its comfortable ambience, Philips Savio was installed as the main light, customized with an LED bulb. Compliant with all office norms, this fixture creates a bright clean white and uses minimal energy.


    Additional light came from LuxSpace LED, which was installed in circulation areas. The bright, glare-free light creates a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, and delivers a 50% energy saving. The new office lighting is controlled by a Philips Light Master Modular system. This control unit saves even more energy, by dimming the lights when rooms are empty, or when there is sufficient natural light in each room. Occupants can also control lights manually via remote control.


    Level 12 of Tower 42 has been revitalized with clean, uniform light. In addition, the new fixtures and lighting control systems are bringing significant savings in energy and maintenance.

    Saving energy
    with light

    The Team

    Tower 42


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