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    Creating a new standard for
    office and working spaces 

    Q22, Warsaw


    Office workers based in the new Q22 building in Warsaw can now experience the difference lighting can make to the office space in terms of enhancing concentration, the quality of time spent in the office, and even boosting the level of engagement and sense of pride on entering the office.


    Throughout the 
    joint design process 

    with the lighting experts from Signify, the overriding objective was to apply state-of-the-art solutions that would satisfy even the most forward-looking tenants. The end result was a lighting solution that meets all the high and diverse expectations, which therefore also included some highly customized lighting elements.”


    - Tomasz Pilch, Architect, Echo Investment S.A.


    Customer Challenge

    Echo Investment is a leading real estate company in Poland. One of their most recent projects was the complete renovation of the 155-meter-high Q22 office building located in the heart of Warsaw, which offers more than 50,000 m2 of office rental space. The company wanted to create an office building with an attractive modern look and feel to serve as a base for leading companies and brands from both Poland and around the world. Compliance with lighting regulations, achieving increased comfort and well-being, and delivering a modern, sustainable office space were the main driving forces during the renovation process. 

    The right lighting 

    Echo Investment consulted with several lighting experts on how to increase comfort in the workplace, paying particular attention to factors that can minimize glare. Thanks to our expertise and experience in office lighting as well as the high quality of Philips LED luminaires, Signify lighting experts were trusted with the job of transforming Q22 using lighting as a key building block.


    Shortly following completion of the renovation, Echo Investment received confirmation of the building’s sustainability and energy-efficiency. It scored 80 in its BREEAM certifications , the world's longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of buildings. Sustainable, energy-efficient and future-ready lighting was a key contributor in obtaining the certification, but there were also other elements that contributed to the building’s excellent rating. These include the 1,500 tons of recycled steel and 25,000 tons of recycled concrete used for the construction of the building. Triple-glazing allows access to daylight and ensures excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, while the photovoltaic façade provides superior thermal performance and a new source of renewable energy. The lighting concept is complemented by DALI lighting controls with daylight harvesting sensors to adjust the light levels in response to natural daylight. Motion sensors enable the control unit to deliver the right amount of light where it’s needed.


    In addition to satisfying the tenants’ varying needs, the new lighting at Q22 is a great example of how lighting can support the creation of a human-centric workplace, which boosts concentration, productivity and collaboration.

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    Q22 stimulates
    creativity at the work place


    Echo Investment

    Echo Investment

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