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    Recognized people-centric innovations in the new Skanska office 

    Skanska office, Warsaw


    Studies show that we spend 90% of our time indoors and over 40% at work. The time we spend in office buildings has a huge impact on our well-being and health. Recognizing the crucial importance of this, real estate firm Skanska took several conscious measures to improve the conditions inside its Spark office complex in Warsaw, the first office building in Central and Eastern Europe to receive the WELL certificate.

    People-centric innovations in the new Skanska office

    The Spark complex is a good example of our
    human-centric office building


    approach. We wanted to implement an innovative and efficient solution, which boosts engagement, productivity and comfort. The high-quality product and controls, combined with the design and co-creation support we received from Signify, led us to earn the first WELL Building Standard certificate in the region, which we are very proud of."


    Adam Targowski, Sustainable Developments Manager, Skanska

    Innowacja zorientowana na pracowników

    Customer Challenge


    Lighting can influence our circadian rhythm and affect our overall comfort and well-being. Certain light settings can boost concentration, while others can help us relax. Taking all these into consideration, the lighting in the Spark office building has been designed in such a way that it follows the circadian rhythm of employees while making sure they can also tune the lighting to their personal preferences and benefit from daylight as much as possible. All this was enabled with the use of intelligent sensors and a Daylight 4Control control system, which constantly monitors the light levels in the entire office.

    Skanska's new modern office

    The Right Lighting


    At the heart of this people-centric office, is the “Connected by Skanska” proprietary building management system, which consists of:

    • a complete office suite installed on employees’ smartphones,
    • a web-based dashboard accessible to tenants and facility managers,
    • an administration panel that allows facility managers to analyze data and better understand how the space is used.


    The employee app offers features such as the remote booking of meeting rooms, information on the availability of parking spaces, the ability to control the temperature and lighting settings. This enables employees to use the facilities more efficiently, as well as giving them the option to personalize certain conditions to their needs.


    The lighting system is fully integrated with the building management system in the Spark complex, enabling easier management and providing a greater level of control to facility managers. The modern and efficient LED technology also keeps electricity consumption to the minimum while making no compromise on comfort or the quality of the illumination.

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    An employee-focused office environment

    The team


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