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    Manchester Airport Olympic House, UK


    Find out how energy-saving lighting is taking off in the Manchester Airport offices

    The meeting room of Manchester Airport Olympic House illuminated by Philips led office lighting.

    The new lighting
    has helped

    to transform these floors and we have had very positive feedback from staff since it was installed. Signify did a great job in meeting the very short lead times and gave us a very high level of service throughout the project.”


    -Gavin Taylor, MAG Senior Project Manager

    The corridor of Manchester Airport Olympic House illuminated by Philips led office lighting.
    The corridor of Manchester Airport Olympic House illuminated by Philips led office lighting.

    Customer challenge


    Manchester Airport Group (MAG) was undergoing a major refurbishment at its head office and was very keen to find to modernize its workspaces and reduce its carbon footprint.

    The right lighting


    MAG is no stranger to tight schedules, and it needed a fast-track solution. Springing into action with a number of partners, we worked hard to ensure the new luminaires could be delivered swiftly.


    LED office lighting was quickly brought on board. In open plan office areas, PowerBalance recessed luminaires provide refreshing light that is perfect for productive workspaces. The light is bright enough to do away with desk lamps, but it does not cause any distracting glare. These ceiling fixtures were complemented by by LuxSpace Compact and StyliD Mini LED downlights, which provide comforting visibility in corridor and circulation areas.


    The energy-efficient office light fixtures are managed by Philips Controls. The controls are linked to light-sensitive photocells, which allow the fixtures to be dimmed automatically when enough natural light is available. In addition, presence detectors ensure that lights automatically turn off when a room is empty, maximizing savings. The control system has been configured so that other areas of the building can be added later. Future system maintenance will be supplied through our Controls After Care package.


    Thanks to the energy savings provided by the intelligent controls and LED office lighting, the new system is a welcome arrival for MAG.

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