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    A green lighting plan

    for Greenpeace

    Greenpeace Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    A highly energy efficient head office for Greenpeace.

    Meeting room at Greenpeace in Amsterdam

    For Greenpeace
    it was extremely important

    to make everything in and around the new premises as sustainable as possible."


    -  Greenpeace, The Netherlands

    A 'Small house' meeting room at Greenpeace
    A meeting room at Greenpeace

    Customer Challenge


    The former industrial warehouse had been transformed into offices, with the desire to fit out the new head office as sustainably as possible, where the lighting could not be ignored.

    Warehouse at DB Schenker in Linz, Germany

    The right lighting


    The light fittings were chosen to be in keeping with the industrial surroundings and second-hand clock fixtures with MasterLED bulbs were used. Furthermore, LuxSpace downlights in the corridors and canteen ensure a good light output. On the second and third floors, where open office gardens are located, SmartBalance was chosen—narrow, flat suspended light fittings that are ideal for use in spaces with varying ceiling heights. In the attic, the OccuSwitch DALI control system is configured to take account of the daylight entering through the sky lights.

    The use of SmartBalance in the 'small houses' is particularly noteworthy. In the separate meeting spaces, the lighting points in two directions: downwards as work lighting, and upwards to provide atmospheric lighting to the peaked roof.

    "For Greenpeace it was extremely important to make everything in and around the new premises as sustainable as possible. We are happy that this has also been possible in the area of lighting."

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    The Team



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