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    A new workplace concept realized at the Philips HQ

    Regional Philips HQ,
    Hamburg, Germany

    In 2015, the headquarters of Philips Germany, Austria and Switzerland returned to its original location in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. As a company striving for innovation in human health and well-being, it is not a surprise that Philips wants to create the best possible and most innovative working environment for its own employees as well.
    Philips Hamburg headquarters office lighting installation, office building

    By engaging
    with our colleagues

    and motivating them to get involved in designing the headquarters, the building has become a key physical representation of our values and vision. The enthusiasm that has been generated by the project is clearly reflecting in other areas of the business as well.”


    – Anna Brack, Senior HR Manager, Philips Germany

    Philips Hamburg office building, recessed lighting, LED luminaires, suspended lighitng, workspace innovation, employee well-being
    Philips Hamburg office, innovative LED lighting solution, workspace innovation, employee well-being

    Customer Challenge

    Philips is known as one of the ambassadors for creating “best places to work”, both in its local and global headquarters. The redesign of the new headquarters for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is based on the company-wide Workplace Innovation concept, centering around three elements: human, space and technology. According to the new workspace concept, the users of the space need to be involved in its design. The idea behind this is that the level of involvement is a great contributor to increasing the sense of ownership and engagement with the workplace and enables employees to also express aspects of their own identity to some extent. By bringing the elements of human, space and technology together, Philips’ intention was to ensure that the office space is designed around its users, while making use of the latest innovations to maximize operational efficiency.
    Philips office Hamburg Germany, open plan office, suspended luminaires

    The right lighting

    To create such a "best places to work”, the new local Philips headquarters applies the latest LED lighting innovations in combination with appealing design characteristics. Moreover, by connecting the LED luminaires to lighting controls, the building also benefits from features such as daylight harvesting and presence detection, which helps them save more on energy while ensuring the right level of light in a given space. The switch to the new lighting system has resulted in energy savings of 70%.

    In addition, we have created a pleasant and inspiring environment in the open workspaces, break-out areas, and the focus and meeting rooms using Philips LuxSpace downlights, StyliD projectors and Philips SmartBalance LED suspended luminaires. The combination of direct and indirect illumination purposefully applied in the open office space also creates an inspiring, soft atmosphere, mimicking daylight effects in a more natural and unobtrusive way.
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    An innovative and user-centric workspace

    The team

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    Internal project management

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