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    A payback time of

    less than two years

    Vestergaard Company

    Gevninge, Denmark


    Vestergaard Company headquartered in Gevninge, near Roskilde, Denmark is one of the leading Danish firms within development, manufacturing and sale of state of the art de-icers and other aircraft ground support servicing equipment. The company was established in 1962 as a family-owned engineering firm, and currently has a workforce of 290 employees.


    The original lighting
    was outdated,

    energy-draining and shone down directly from the ceiling which is not appropriate in production premises.”


    -Hans Peter Olsen, Maintenance Manager, Vestergaard Company

    Before with conventional HPL light
    After with TrueForce lighting

    Customer challenge


    Vestergaard Company's two production premises were due for an energy-efficiency upgrade, as electricity consumption was too high and the lighting was counter-productive. The production premises floorage covers 13,800m2, with legacy installations in factory halls A and B of conventional HPL light sources respectively consuming 250 and 400W.

    production premis Vestergaard

    The right lighting


    To do away with the high energy consumption and ineffectual lighting distribution, they installed 70 x 88W TrueForce LED Industrial and Retail lamps in Hall A and 72 x 145W in Hall B.


    All things being equal, the reduced power consumption will mean that Vestergaard Company can look forward to a payback time on its initial investment of less than two years.


    Brian Thorsen of Signify explains: "They also gain minimal servicing costs, as the lamp lifetime is at least 50,000 hours, as opposed to the conventional HPL lamps with their 15,000-hour lifespan. In addition, the new solution provides far more lighting in the premises, which makes the work environment even better than before."


    Hans Peter Olsen of Vestergaard Company: "Great lighting and safety are essential for a manufacturing business such as ours. An added plus was that we only had to replace the actual light sources, and the new ones proved so easy to install that we were able to do it ourselves."

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