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    the senses

    Corinthia Hotel,
    Lisbon, Portugal

    Find out how the Corinthia Hotel has reduced energy costs without affecting guest experience.



    The Philips MASTER
    LEDspot GU10 7W

    is ideal for creating attractive and inviting surroundings. It increases the amount of light, with the same number of light points, while reducing energy consumption by approximately 80%. Moreover it is no longer necessary to use transformers, since the lamps installed operate on 230V.”


    - Pedro Ferreira, Regional Chief Engineer, Corinthia Hotel Lisbon

    Philips energy saving spotlights at a hallway in Corinthia hotel, Lisbon, Portugal
    The reception in Corinthia hotel lit with Philips hotel lighting

    Customer challenge


    Corinthia Hotel Lisbon is a benchmark for the city. With 521 rooms, it is the largest five star hotel in Portugal, and a shining example of luxury hospitality. How could it reduce energy costs without compromising the hotel aesthetics that are so important to the guest experience?


    The right lighting 


    Atmosphere is everything for a hotel like the Corinthia. Maintaining the comfortable, elegant environment requires gentle lighting, but one of the disadvantages of traditional energy-saving bulbs is that the light can be too white. This can sometimes interfere with decorative details, which are then not properly highlighted.

    Philips MASTER LEDlamps were a welcome arrival for the hotel. Their light output, at 2700k, is at a warm color temperature that elegantly highlights hotel surroundings without any glare. It can also be dimmed for flexible ambience, and boasts low power consumption. A total of 6,330 MASTER LEDspots were installed in places where lighting effects are important, like rooms, corridors and reception.

    Reduced energy bills were not the only benefit for the Corinthia hotel. Since the new lamps operate at 230V it is no longer necessary to use transformers, and with virtually no maintenance, the bulbs can be left on 24/7. Frequent replacement of lamps is no longer necessary, resulting in fewer disturbances for hotel guests.

    Thanks to the new fixtures, it is possible to increase the amount of light, while reducing energy consumption by approximately 80%. Thanks to these savings, the lighting investment has a very short payback period – a mere nine months.

      Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam, MASTER VALUE is a perfect fit for spot lighting. Thanks to its high CRI, it realizes more natural colors, creating cozy and comfortable...

    the senses

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