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    Protecting staff and patients with UV-C disinfection lighting

    Municipal Health Services

    For more than 10 years, several GGD locations in the Netherlands have been equipped with UV-C disinfection devices as part of the infection prevention policy.
    Municipal Health Services

    Since then [using UV-C disinfection lighting], 
    there have been no infections among the staff.

    The same goes for COVID infections, despite the fact that infected patients have visited.”


    -R.I.N van Nispen-Dobrescu, Lung and Tuberculosis Physician, GGD West-Brabant

    Customer challenge

    Customer challenge


    GGD West-Brabant is committed to monitoring, protecting and promoting the health and safety of all residents — with special attention paid to vulnerable people in our society. At its Breda location, staff assist and treat patients with tuberculosis (TB), a highly infectious airborne disease that’s spread through talking, singing, coughing or sneezing. Consequently, it is extremely important to apply hygienic measures that prevent the spread of infections through the air.

    The UV-C lighting solution

    The UV-C lighting solution


    Since moving to a new location in 2009, the institute has been using Philips UV-C upper air disinfection luminaires as a precautionary measure to control airborne infections.


    Based on both experience and the scientific literature on this technology, lung and tuberculosis specialist at the department, Roxanne van Nispen-Dobrescu, argues for a wider use of UV-C in society to protect people from airborne infectious diseases.

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