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    Instant illumination
    in emergencies

    Holbaek Hospital, Denmark


    Find out how lighting is improving emergency care at Holbaek Hospital, Denmark.

     This waiting room at Holbaek Hospital, Denmark, is lit by Philips healthcare recessed lighting

    The light quality has

    and with LED, there is full light strength as soon as you turn the lights on. This has a huge effect, particularly in a hospital where things frequently have to happen extremely quickly."


    - Henrik Jørgensen, Electrician, Holbæk Hospital


    Recessed lighting, provided by Philips healthcare lighting, is utilized at Holbaek Hospital, Denmark

    Customer challenge


    As a center for emergency care, Holbæk Hospital needs to be ready to treat patients in a flash. One of four emergency hospitals within the Sjælland region, it receives patients 24/7 and often performs life-saving treatment. Could light help it improve its standard of care while saving energy?

    The right lighting 


    For an emergency hospital, disruptions to treatment could mean life or death. With this in mind, LED lighting was the perfect addition to the hospital setup, thanks to its longer service life. We installed 25 CoreView LED fixtures through the hospital’s sterile center, improving visibility noticeably. “The lighting is significantly better than it used to be," Sterile Assistant Helle Andersen explains. "You can see everything clearly; I can even read without glasses and it is really nice to be able to dim the lights."


    Further recessed lighting was installed in the form of Coreview and SmartForm luminaires. These innovative fixtures provide clear visibility for medical staff, and provide significant savings thanks to their energy efficient performance. In the operating theatre, the intelligent controls dim and eventually turn off the lights when no movement is detected, saving even more energy.


    The Anaesthesia and Operating departments were fitted with T5 tubes, which fill the space with crisp bright light, aiding concentration in medical staff. In addition, the new hospital lighting is reducing the hospital’s energy bills, and with T5 bulbs lasting 24,000 hours and LED bulbs lasting up to 50,000, maintenance has been greatly reduced.


    “In the Anaesthesia and Operating department, the new lighting solutions are much more energy efficient than the previous ones – and the staff are also very happy with the new lighting, as it is patient-friendly and does not dazzle.”

    -Søren S. Stage-Madsen from Højager Belysning

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    The Team

    Region Sjælland


    Højager Belysning A/S

    Project advisor

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