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    Real, Essen, Germany


    Find out how supermarket lighting is making food appear tasty at real, Essen.
    Customers look at fruits at Real which are illuminated using Philips supermarket lighting

    We wanted to use optimum lighting 


    to make our real,- stores as bright as possible, while creating an inviting shopping environment with a few special touches – and the lowest possible running costs. Philips LED lighting, which we have been using since the start of this year in our fruit & vegetable departments, meets all these criteria.”


    - Norbert Just, real,- FM-Service-Technikkonzeption

    The flower selection at Real, lit by the Philips supermarket lighting
    Customers looking at vegetables by the light of Philips fresh food lighting

    Customer challenge

    Real,- needed its stores to shine. The respected retailer wanted to make its hypermarkets bright and inviting for customers, while keeping costs low. Could supermarket lighting add some sparkle to the fruit and vegetable areas and florist counters?
    Produce under the lights of Philips fresh food lighting at Real in Essen, Germany

    The right lighting

    Metro Group, owners of the real,- chain, wanted to give customers a spectacular shopping experience. Light was to play a big role in this, by creating an attractive in-store ambience. Philips was asked to improve the supermarket lighting in the fruit and vegetable department, and at the adjacent florist counter.


    StyliD Rose was the solution. Designed especially for fresh food lighting, this LED spotlight enhances the appearance of food products. When the light was trialled in the real,- supermarket in Essen, it was received with enthusiasm. The customized light spectrum brought out the color of apples, sweet peppers and other fresh fruit and vegetables, making them look extra appetizing.


    After a successful test, StyliD rose is being installed in the fruit, vegetable and flower sections of many more real,- stores. At the time of writing, upgrades in 57 stored have been completed, with a further 70 pending. Product lighting has been improved, and the store is saving electricity thanks to energy-efficient LED technology.

    The life-span of the fresh food lighting module is approximately 50,000 burning hours. As a result, the light sources only need to be replaced every 10 years, even though the store is open six days a week.

    the light recipe

    The team



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    Jan Leunis

    Account manager

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