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    Indoor positioning for

    superior customer service at Carrefour 

    Lille, France

    French retail giant Carrefour is using an innovative indoor positioning system to transform the shopping experience in its stores.

    We work with Philips
    on energy savings, 

    and we wanted to test a new service in Carrefour Lille to go beyond just lighting. The focus we made is to specialize and localize the promotions for people."


    -  Céline Martin, business models and innovation manager for Carrefour hypermarkets


    Customers challenge


    Founded in 1959, French retail giant Carrefour now spans the globe, operating 10,800 stores in 33 countries.

    Always concerned with improving customer satisfaction, Carrefour conducted a research study with shoppers to learn more about their in-store experiences. The study showed that customers wanted to be able to find products more easily. Locating items may not be too much of a problem in a store that carries 200 items, but it can become difficult in a large store that offers thousands of items.


    The right system


    Carrefour installed a Philips connected lighting system with an LED-based indoor positioning system when it renovated its hypermarket in the Euralille mall in Lille—one of the top ten shopping malls in Europe—in 2015. The system allows customers to find products on promotion throughout the store using a specially designed smartphone app.

    “The main benefit for customers for this new application is to provide a shopping list with promotions. And when you arrive in the store you can localize all the products you choose,” Martin said.

    Because of its energy efficiency, the LED-based system was a natural fit for Carrefour, which is committed to sustainability. The company has announced its intention to reduce overall energy consumption by 30% and CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020. The Philips systems helps with this goal, reducing energy consumption by 50% over the previous system.

    Beyond energy efficiency and excellent illumination, the Philips system offers an innovative new way for Carrefour to deliver superior customer service in its stores. The system is flexible and future-proof, allowing Carrefour to offer additional features in the future as they learn from their experience at Lille.

    LED based Indoor Positioning


    Indoor positioning allows shoppers and store staff to receive directions to products or to receive location-based notifications. It allows retailers to engage customers in a more meaningful way, and to use location data analytics to measure marketing impact and assess store operations.

    More about the system

    Top Supplier Retail

    The German retail institute EHI awarded Carrefour with the Retail Technology Award 2016 for Best Customer Experience in February 2016. Subsequently Philips received the Top Supplier Retail 2016 award.

    Transforming shopping
    experiences in Lille

    The Team





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