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    Creating flexible and future-ready
    retail spaces

    Brico Depôt,
    Getafe, Spain

    The new lighting scheme at the Brico Depot store not only improves overall visibility and stages products in a better light, it also helps to save on energy and improve the overall look and feel of the store for both customers and employees.
    Brico Depot store, retail lighting, maxos fusion trunking

    There has been a
    significant improvement

    in the overall customer perception of the store. We successfully supported Brico Depôt to create a store environment that reflects their brand identity and enhances the customer experience in-store.” 

    - David Albertin Roldan, Head of Marketing at Signify Iberia

    Brico Depot store, retail lighting, maxos fusion trunking
    Brico Depot store, retail lighting, maxos fusion trunking

    The customer's challenge


    The 6,000 m2 space (including the indoor retail area and the warehouse), which was equipped with fluorescent lighting in the past, was fully renovated using the Maxos fusion LED trunking which is now serving as the backbone of the new future ready store. The primary objective was to go beyond just creating a ‘serves the purpose’ and energy- efficient store environment and create a space that would enhance the customer experience, stimulate customers and make the overall in-store experience much more pleasant and inviting. Brico Depôt also wanted to use lighting as a key enabler to differentiate itself from the competition and communicate its brand and identity.

    Brico Depot store, retail lighting, maxos fusion trunking

    The right lighting


    Philips Maxos fusion trunking system was used as the backbone for transforming the lighting in the store. Maxos fusion is an LED rail system that enables the seamless integration of linear light panels, non-linear modules, spotlights and projectors. The trunking system provides full freedom of positioning, hence it can easily be adapted to the store’s aisle arrangement. Its high quality of illumination minimizes the presence of any disturbing shadow or artefacts on the floor or products. Moreover, Maxos fusion provides Brico Depôt with the flexibility to add further controls and software applications to the lighting installation later on and benefit from innovations like indoor navigation or advanced scene management.


    The trunking system is combined with DALI lighting control, which allows daylight levels to be monitored. The luminaires’ output levels are adjusted to “harvest” the available natural light and improve visual comfort for people in the space, while making sure no unnecessary artificial lighting is used. This enables the store to achieve further energy savings. As a result of installing the new lighting system, energy savings have been increased by 50% which, combined with low maintenance costs and the long lifetime of the installation, offers an attractive return on investment for Brico Depôt. We successfully supported Brico Depôt in transforming its lighting in a way that fully reflects the store’s identity and improves the overall customer perception of the store.

    maxos fusion, philips, trunking system, led light

    Maxos fusion

    Maxos fusion is an adaptable LED trunking system that offers an excellent quality of light while more than halving energy costs compared to fluorescent lamps. 
    ActiLume DALI control, light control, philips

    ActiLume DALI

    The Philips ActiLume DALI lighting control system consists of a small, lightweight sensor and controller, designed for easy integration into luminaires.

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