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    Top quality lighting:

    the number one
    priority in fashion

    Popper salon,
    Czech Republic

    As a luxuries, high-end boutique, the newly-opened Popper tailors in central Prague has been consciously devoting a lot of time and energy to creating a unique store experience that perfectly matches the message of their brand.
    Quality light in fashion: Fitting Room from Philips used by Popper tailors, Prague


    upscale tailors,

    we aim to offer our customers the most luxurious experience possible during every moment they spend with us, therefore we cannot afford any weak spots in our store.”


    Eva Matějková, proprietor of  Popper

    Top-quality lighting: always in fashion
    Philips Lighting arranging a bespoke lighting for Popper tailors

    The customer challenge


    The bespoke tailoring process in the salon begins with the selection of the right material and accessories such as buttons. Color plays a decisive role here, which means that it’s essential that the lighting shows the true colors of the items. The most important workspace in the salon is the room with the cutting table, which must be perfectly and brightly lit without any shadows – as top luxury tailors their work  literally comes down to millimeter precision. Similarly, it’s vital that each sewing table  is brightly illuminated with top quality lighting in order to facilitate their workers’ detailed craftsmanship. However, the light must also be kind to the eyes because the dressmakers here spend hours of work on each outfit.

    Popper salon, Prague

    The right lighting


    "The couture salon lighting we implemented here is distinct by its diversity within a relatively small space", notes Martin Vítek, Retail Lighting Specialist at Philips Lighting. "We chose to use the Philips LED CrispWhite technology for the salon, which faithfully renders colors and different tones of white, a crucial aspect in creating high quality fashion outfit."


    Now, the salon’s pride is the fitting room lighting. With the push of a button, the fitting room mirror faithfully reproduces bright daylight, an intimate evening ambiance or even a cozy home lighting setting.

    Customers can see how their new outfit will look in the setting where they’ll most often be wearing it. In addition, the frontal lighting also creates a nice and pleasant diffuse effect in the fitting room, and unlike downlight, it doesn’t create disturbing shadows. All these benefits together help customers and shop personnel judge the outfit in the most optimal settings. 


    Now Prague’s Popper salon is not only offering its customers top-quality fashion lighting but also a tailored lighting system, one that’s appreciated by customers and employees alike.


    PerfectScene fitting room

    PerfectScene fitting room

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